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Difference Between MBA and Masters

MBA vs Masters

One of the major differences between MBA and Masters is that MBA is a post-graduate degree that covers the subject of business administration only, whereas Masters is a post-graduate degree that offers specialization in several subjects including arts, commerce and sciences.

MBA is Master of Business Administration. It has varied branches such as financing, business, marketing, advertising etc. Masters is all about specialization in one particular field. For example you should have completed Masters in marketing if you are to get a job in the field of marketing. In other words Masters in marketing is viewed as an additional qualification that adds more weight to the MBA degree that you possess.

A business professional would do well if he is qualified by the completion of MBA. A marketing professional would shine well if he is qualified by the completion of Masters in marketing. In a way Masters is a kind of degree that gives you specialization in the subject.

You will have to undergo the MBA program for a period of 3 years, whereas it will take 2 years to complete Masters Program. However there are 2 years MBA Programs too. After completing Masters you can get registered for PhD as well. An MBA on the other hand has to complete Masters to get registered for PhD. There are many universities that prescribe Masters as the minimum qualification to register for PhD.

A student who has passed MBA gets well-acquainted with the nuances of business administration, marketing and management. He can design business models on his own. A student who has completed Masters on the other hand gets specialization in the subject concerned. He becomes fit to be appointed as educator, consultant or as a research assistant. A candidate with MBA can apply for jobs related to business management, consultation, administration and marketing. Engineers and doctors can be very well placed with an additional qualification of MBA.


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