Difference Between McDonald’s and Subway

McDonald’s vs Subway

McDonald’s and Subway are the first things that come to one’s mind when one is hungry during a rush for work, school or for any other urgent matter. They have a variety of ready-to-go foods that one can consume in the bus or when walking along the road. The difference between McDonald’s and Subway is sometimes not very obvious and yet important to know so as different people with different palettes choose between the famous McDonald hamburgers or the submarine sandwiches of Subway with their submarine sandwiches according to their needs and moods.

What is McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has been in the market since 1940, being the pioneer amongst burger chains. It was McDonald’s that first introduced their “Speedee Service System” which today, has become the inspiration of modern day fast food chains. Their original McDonald’s mascot, a hamburger-headed man with a chef’s hat, was replaced with the ever famous McDonald’s clown as this was a more effective mascot than the former. Today, McDonald’s is spread over 119 countries and serves 58 million consumers every single day. Some of their restaurants cater for counter service alone while highway locations feature drive thru, which provide speedy delivery without a hassle. Some counter service restaurants of McDonald’s have playgrounds and play areas for children while others have inner and outer seats, which are usually of the color red and yellow. McDonald’s products are geared towards people of all shapes and sizes, any time of the day and any mood of the season. Aside from their famous hamburgers, McDonald’s also feature chicken sandwiches, soft drinks, breakfast menu, French fries and desserts. A lot of McDonald’s restaurants have something for vegetarian consumers, as well. McDonald’s is also known for adopting their products upon the countries’ food cultures. For instance, McDonald’s in Portugal offer soup and, in Indonesia, it offers McRice, which is also available in countries like India and Sri Lanka.

What is Subway?

Subway is labeled globally as the fastest growing fast food chain franchise of which the pioneer is Fred De Luca. The story goes back to 1965 when he was still 17 years old and was struggling to pay for his college; he borrowed money from his family friends and put up a restaurant that sells sandwiches. This was originally named as Pete’s Submarine. Subway has evolved by leaps and bounds and today it boasts of 33,930 restaurants in 95 countries. The products offered at Subway are submarine sandwiches, cookies, Danishes and muffins that are of various flavors like chocolates and nuts. They also have Veggie sandwiches for vegetarian consumers.

McDonald’s vs Subway

While both Subway and McDonald’s are extremely popular fast food chains, several differences exist between them that make them unique in their own right.

Subway is known for their submarine sandwiches. McDonald’s is known for their burgers.

Subway’s main mission is to serve healthy food. It offers fresh, green, leafy vegetables in the Subway sandwiches. McDonald’s has no such health policy. Its food is more processed and less healthy than those of Subway.

McDonald’s was set up in 1940 and is therefore the pioneer of such fast food chains. Subway was created in 1965 as the answer to America’s need for a healthy fast food chain.



In brief:

1. McDonald’s and Subway are both popular fast food chains.

2. McDonald’s was started in 1940 while Subway was started 25 years later.

3. McDonald’s has been known worldwide, so has Subway.

4. McDonald’s is famous for hamburgers; Subway is famous for submarine sandwiches.

5. McDonald’s offer several soft drinks like Pepsi and Coke; Subway offers only Coca Cola.

6. Subway allows you to have any amount of soft drinks when you pay for a cup.

7. McDonald’s have restaurants with playground while Subway do not.