Difference Between Mental and Emotional

Mental vs Emotional

Mental and Emotional are two types of behavior of human beings that show some differences between them. Emotional behavior is more concerned with the heart, whereas mental behavior is more concerned with the mind. This is the difference between the two types of behavior.

It is important to know that people exhibit both kinds of behavior at different stages or phases of life. Emotional behavior is exhibited at the loss of the dear and near. It is often seen that emotional behavior paves the way for mental behavior as well.

In other words, a person that exhibits a lot of emotional behavior develops a kind of change in his mental behavior as well. The psychology of mind is such that it is easily transformed by the impact of emotions unless it is properly controlled. This is the reason why practices such as Yoga are recommended to gain supreme control over the mind and its transformations.

Mental behavior changes due to the impact of the behavioral changes brought about by emotions. Practice of Yoga controls the mind and stops the effect of emotional behavior on the mind. In fact yogic practice exercises a sort of control over emotional behavior too. This truth is established in the Yoga aphorisms of sage Patanjali.

Emotional behavior results in the production of sounds from crying, lamenting and the like. On the other hand, mental behavior is not associated with the production of sounds arising out of crying, lamenting and the like. It just shows up on the mind and the person who is affected mentally is generally calm and quiet.

A person affected by mental transformations cannot behave like a normal person. On the other hand, an emotional person behaves like a normal man but becomes emotional at the drop of the hat.