Difference Between Meteorology and Climatology

Meteorology vs Climatology

Meteorology and Climatology are two terms that seem to have the same meaning but strictly speaking there is difference between the two terms. Climatology deals with the scientific study of climate. Meteorology is the study of the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere especially as a means of forecasting the weather.

Sometimes Meteorology also refers to the atmospheric character of a region. It is the department of climatology that works on the issue of global warming. On the other hand the department of meteorology works with the primary duty of providing information regarding the trends happening in the atmosphere. This is done keeping in mind weather forecast. Climatology primary deals with the trends in climatic changes on a global basis. This is one of the main differences between meteorology and climatology.

Climatology also makes a thorough study and observation of the man-made climate or global warming. It takes the sea surface temperatures which are called as SSTs. It can forward information regarding the advent of hurricane seasons and cyclones. The department of meteorology on the other hand forwards information regarding the temperatures of different areas. It can give information regarding the highest and lowest temperatures of any given area.

Climatology studies the changing trends in the climate scientifically. It needs the help of eminent scientists or climatologists who work in unison in making a scientific study of the changing climate. Climatology also gives information regarding long-term climate based on the scientific study. On the other hand meteorology can give a short-term report of the weather based on the phenomena of atmosphere. The aspect of atmospheric behavior is taken into account to a great extent in the case of meteorology. Otherwise both climatology and meteorology works on the same lines. There is not much of a difference in the manner in which they function with the aid of the scientific instruments.