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Difference Between Methodist and Presbyterian

Methodist vs Presbyterian

Methodists and Presbyterians are both Protestants and form two of the many denominations that are there in Christianity with slight differences in beliefs and practices. Though both denominations of the same Protestant Church strongly believe in Jesus as the savior of mankind, there are differences in the manner in which these two denominations practice their faith. This article attempts to highlight the differences between Methodist and Presbyterian churches.


Methodism is a branch of the Protestant Church that has nearly 70 million followers around the world. It is credited to Wesley brothers Charles and John who led a reform movement in the 18th century to rid Christianity of many dogmas and beliefs. The important features of Methodism are missionary work, service through hospitals, schools and orphanage, and the spread of the gospel. Wesley brothers along with their followers had set up a club and worked upon ways to lead a holy life. Their method and approach was very methodical, and this is the reason why they were labeled as Methodists by others. It was after the death of John Wesley that Methodists formed a separate denomination within the fold of Christianity.


Presbyterian Church is a branch of Protestant Church that is greatly influenced by the beliefs and teachings of John Calvin, the great 18th century theologian from France. He in turn was himself influenced by the reform movement led by Martin Luther in Germany in the 16th century. This branch of Christianity originated in Scotland, and it spread to Americas with the help of Scottish immigrants. The Church strongly believes in the supremacy of the almighty and the scriptures, and the emphasis is on the grace of God for the follower.

What is the difference between Methodist and Presbyterian?

• Presbyterian Church believes that men need the grace of god for their salvation, and they cannot seek god on their own. Methodists believe that men can ask god for his grace to save themselves though they are fallen.

• Presbyterian Church says that god has already chosen those he wants to save whereas Methodist Church says that all those who believe in him will get salvation

• According to Presbyterian Church, once god has chosen a person to be saved, he is always saved whereas Methodists believe that a person who gets away from God can be lost and not achieve salvation.

• John Knox is believed to have founded the Presbyterian Church in Scotland based upon the beliefs and teachings of John Calvin.

• Methodism has its roots in the teachings of Wesley brothers Charles and John in the 18th century in England.


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    There is no such thing as a “Protestant Church”; there are many different Churches that are Protestant. Protestants are people who deny the authority of the Pope and are ‘Reformed Catholics’. There are many different Reformed Churches.

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