Difference Between Miami and Miami Beach

Miami vs Miami Beach

Miami is a great American coastal city that lies in the state of Florida and is a tourist attraction for national, as well as international tourists. Beaches in Miami are very popular and one of the reasons why people come to this coastal city to have relaxing vacations. Of course, there is Miami Beach for people to enjoy, but there is also the South Beach in Miami. It is hard for people to digest the fact that Miami Beach is a municipality in itself and different from Miami city. This article takes a closer look at the two entities called Miami and Miami Beach to find out the differences.


Miami is a large city in Florida and lies in the southeastern part of the country on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most populous and also one of the cleanest cities in the entire country. Miami has more than 50% population of Latin American roots with whites being in a minority in this city. This is also the reason why Spanish is the language one encounters more often than English in Miami Metropolitan Area. There are lots of places of tourist attraction in this large coastal city that include recreation parks, zoo, Star Island, Everglades, and so on, but beaches remain the primary attraction of this coastal city.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a small city in the state of Florida that is a resort city in reality. It is one of the barrier islands that are situated between Biscayne Bay and Atlantic Ocean. In fact, it is the Biscayne Bay that creates the barrier between the Miami City and the Miami Beach. This is a municipality in itself that has a small population of around a hundred thousand only. This resort city is a major tourist destination for all those coming over to the state of Florida. Miami Beach is also called The Beach by many people.

Miami vs Miami Beach

• Miami Beach is not a part of the city of Miami.

• Miami Beach is a municipality that lies in the form of barrier islands between the Biscayne Bay and the city of Miami.

• Miami is a very large city, whereas Miami Beach is a small resort city.

• Miami Beach has a population of only a hundred thousand whereas Miami City has a huge population of nearly half a million.

• Miami Beach is akin to Manhattan inside New York.

• Properties in Miami are cheaper than properties in Miami Beach.

• Miami Beach is frequented by celebrities.

• Miami Beach is a beach town whereas Miami is a coastal city.