Difference Between Microsoft Windows Mobile and Google Android

Microsoft Windows Mobile vs Google Android

Microsoft windows mobile and google android are two mobile operating systems used in smart phones nowadays. As windows for PC, windows mobile operating system for mobile is also from Microsoft and in the market for long time. Since it’s similar to windows on PC and people use windows in their day today life, they will feel familiar with windows mobile as well as its applications.

Google the internet giant introduced their operating system Android recently having high expectation from users. But it suffers from lots of instability which are being address rapidly in their roadmap projects.

The basic difference between these two are, Windows mobile is a Microsoft proprietary software comes with license so phone manufactures need to pay for it whereas Google Android is open source which uses Linux in the core. The Android also allows other application developers to release applications for Android without revealing their source codes. Google also integrated some applications with the operating system itself to make some revenue. The latest version of Android as today is version 2.2. The latest version of Windows mobile is Windows 7.

The Android Version 2.2 gives added features like JIT Compiler, Automatic Application updates, FM Radio, New version of Linux Kernel, OpenGL improvements, support to Flash 10.1 and Color Trackball.

Windows 7 Mobile operating system comes with attractive user interface with multi-touch technology, on screen text input, advanced web browser, excellent multimedia, search and automatic software updates and integrates with many popular Microsoft consumer services such as Xbox LIVE, Windows Live, Bing and Zune.

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    seems pretty biased against android:
    “[Windows Mobile] integrates with many popular Microsoft consumer services”, but no mention of Android integrating with (much more) popular Google services (GMail, Talk, Maps, Search, Voice, Earth).

    Instead we get “Google also integrated some applications with the operating system itself to make some revenue.” I’m pretty sure Microsoft does this if not more than Google (which provides all it’s services for free unlike MS).

    Also, saying is Android suffers from instability is just plain FUD. Each release (the latest is 2.3 by the way not 2.2) is more mature and fully featured than any Windows 7 phone. Windows Mobile (up to 6.5 is based on pretty old OS and is the least popular of the major mobile operating systems. The successor, Windows Phone 7 has only been around for less than a year and lacks many features available on Android.