Difference Between Middle Ages and Medieval Ages

Middle Ages vs Medieval Ages

Although there is not much of a difference between the two terms Middle Ages and the Medieval Ages, you can still point out some differences between the two.

One of the main differences between the two is based on region. There is a regional difference between the Middle Ages and the Medieval Ages. While the Middle Ages referred to the region of Rome, the Medieval Ages referred to the region of France.

The Middle Ages lasted between 350 AD and 1450 AD. There were weaker kingdoms in the western half of the Roman Empire around the beginning of the Middle Ages. In fact many regions were divided into small fragments during the period. Charles the Great built a massive kingdom which included almost all parts of the western and central Europe. This particular period is called by the name Carolingian Renaissance.

It can be said that the Middle Ages paved the way for the Medieval Ages. The empire founded by Charles the Great did not survive his death. Its major territories, namely, East and West Francia became the modern countries of France and Germany. What really happened was that West Francia became the modern France. East Francia became the Holy Roman Empire. It later flourished as the modern state of Germany.

Thus the formation of Rome and its empire was represented by the Middle Ages, whereas the formation of East Francia was represented by the Medieval Ages. It is interesting to note that Medieval Ages is also called by the name Medieval Times. The Middle Ages is one of the three periods in the division of history. The other two periods are Classic and Modern. In fact the term Middle Ages was coined as early as the 15th century AD. Renaissance scholarship flourished in the Middle Ages. The Medieval Times saw a development in cultural relationships.

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    This is all absolute bullshit. None of it is factual. Middle Ages and Medieval are the same thing, and the “Medieval Ages” is not even a real word.