Difference Between Military Press and Overhead Press

Military Press vs Overhead Press

There are many different exercises done with the help of weights to remain in shape. Military press is a weight exercise done using barbell or dumbbells and is considered a true reflection of one’s strength and hence its name. There is another weight lifting exercise called overhead press that is very similar to military press confusing people into thinking if they are the same. Despite similarities, there are differences between these two weight lifting exercises that will be talked about in this article.

Military Press

Military press is a muscle building exercise that focuses on deltoids and triceps. It is so called as it is very popular among men in uniforms and is considered a reflection of one’s muscular strength. It can be done both in the standing as well as sitting positions with both variations toning the shoulder muscles to a great extent. Military press is also known for building muscles at the back. When done with a barbell in a standing position, one has to keep the barbell on his shoulders with both heels touching. Thereafter, one has to raise the barbell above his shoulders and press them straight upwards until the arms are straight.

Overhead Press

Overhead press is a weight lifting exercise which requires the individual to raise the barbell above his head in such a manner that the arms become straight and the barbell is pressed upwards in the air. This is the reason why it is called overhead press. One cannot pick up the barbell from the floor to be doing overhead press as this weight lifting exercise is done by placing the weight on the deltoid muscles on one’s shoulders.

Military Press vs Overhead Press

• Military press is a variation of overhead press.

• Overhead press is done standing, whereas military press can be done both in standing as well as sitting positions.

• Military press requires the lifter to keep his heels touching each other when done in the standing position.