Difference Between Mineral and Soda Water

Mineral vs Soda Water

Water is a necessity for human beings, and they need to drink it on a regular basis to survive. It is a compound that is found in abundance on earth and even around 70% our body is made up of water. Pure water is odorless and colorless liquid. There are also available in the market mineral water and soda water that seem to have a fizz. They seem to be alike to many confusing them whether they should consume one or the other. This article takes a closer look at these two different types of water that are available in the market.

In the market, there are water bottles available that have dissolved carbon dioxide inside. These are all carbonated water bottles that have gas bubbles rushing up to escape when they are opened. Carbonated water is an essential ingredient of all colas being sold in the market.

Mineral Water

This is a type of water so called because of the presence of minerals in it. This water is mainly available from springs coming out of the earth at various points across the globe. This water is considered to be good for health and people have traditionally consumed and bathed in it, to benefit from the presence of minerals inside this water. Places where such mineral water emerges out of the earth have become tourist attractions as people take a dip in this water believing in its curative and healing powers.

In present times, mineral water is collected from these sources, bottled, and then sold in the markets. This is why people now have no desire to travel to far off places for this water as they can get it in their own city and market. However, it is hard to compare different brands of mineral water as there are thousands of such brands today in the world. According to FDA, any water that contains 250ppm of dissolved solids can be called mineral water. Natural mineral water does not contain any additives and is sold as it is.

Soda Water

Soda water is commonly used to add to alcohol to make drinks. It is, however, drunk on its own too. It is the kind of water that is sold after carbonation. It is not natural water and is man made and sold in cans and bottles. In addition to carbon dioxide, soda water also contains bicarbonate of soda which is the reason why it is called soda water. These are the basic ingredients of soda water though some companies also add minerals to attract people and project their product as a healthy substitute to normal water. One can drink it plain or after mixing alcohol with it.

What is the difference between Mineral and Soda Water?

• Mineral water is naturally occurring water while soda water is manmade water.

• Soda water has carbonation whereas the effervescence in mineral water is all natural and no carbon dioxide is added.

• Mineral water contains many types of minerals that are considered healthy for consumption. Only some soda water manufacturers add minerals before bottling it.

• To be called mineral water, it must have at least 250ppm of dissolved solids.

• Mineral water is more expensive than soda water.

• Soda water is used more to mix it with alcohol than to drink it alone.

• These days there is a sparkling mineral water being sold in the market that is carbonated, and this is the source of confusion for the people.