Difference Between Miracle and Magic

Miracle vs Magic

The two words magic and miracle might appear similar in their connotation, but strictly speaking there is difference between the two. It is generally believed that magic is the act of a human being whereas a miracle is the act of God.

Miracles rely to a great extent on the will of God. This is the reason why you cannot expect miracles to happen time and again. They happen very rarely in your life if at all they are destined to happen. Magic on the contrary is nothing but manipulation of nature of objects.

You try to suppress the real nature of objects or things while performing magic whereas miracles have nothing to do with suppression of nature of things or objects. You tend to use the so called energy available around you in the performance of magic. Miracles do not involve the use of energy. A miracle is all about the power of God.

It is important to note that the performance of magic is personal. Thus magic does not depend on the will of God. Magic is something wielded and something impressed upon. It happens in front of your very eyes much to your delight and astonishment.

Miracles do draw your astonishment and delight, but you think about the Almighty upon experiencing them. On the other hand you do not think about the Almighty upon experiencing magic before your eyes. You would at the most appreciate the skill of the magician. You would praise and applaud him. You would praise the Lord if you experience miracles.

The skill of the magician or the performer becomes evident in the act of magic, whereas the power of God becomes evident in the act of miracle. Hence it is for sure that these two words cannot be interchangeable since they show great differences between them.

  • Deanjay1961

    Why should I adopt this distinction, other than the author thinks magic done by Jesus should not be called by the same word as miracles performed by Merlin?