Difference Between Miracle and Magic

Miracle vs Magic

The two words magic and miracle might appear similar in their connotation, but strictly speaking there is difference between the two. It is generally believed that magic is the act of a human being whereas a miracle is the act of God or any divine power. They can both be defined as incidents that somehow make us wonder how something happened. However, remember that magic that is done as an entertainment event can make you surprised first you behold it. Nevertheless, once you give time you will find that there is a logical reason behind every magic trick. Miracle is used most of the time to events that are inexplicable at the time using any method whatsoever. However, with time incidents accepted as miracles could be proven otherwise too.

What does Magic mean?

According to the Oxford English dictionary, magic means ‘the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.’ Magic, on the contrary, is nothing but manipulation of nature of objects. You try to suppress the real nature of objects or things while performing magic. You tend to use the so called energy available around you in the performance of magic. It is important to note that the performance of magic is personal. Thus, magic does not depend on the will of God. Magic is something wielded and something impressed upon. It happens in front of your very eyes much to your delight and astonishment. On the other hand, you do not think about the Almighty upon experiencing magic before your eyes. You would at the most appreciate the skill of the magician. You would praise and applaud him. The skill of the magician or the performer becomes evident in the act of magic.

When something is very beautiful so as to make it very remote from daily life too we use the term magic. For example,

The magic of the opera made her weep.

The opera was very beautiful that it appeared as something very different from daily life. That is why she cried.

Difference Between Miracle and Magic

What does Miracle mean?

According to the Oxford English dictionary, miracle means ‘an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is attributed to a divine agency.’ Miracles rely to a great extent on the will of God. This is the reason why you cannot expect miracles to happen time and again. They happen very rarely in your life, if at all they are destined to happen. While you try to suppress the real nature of objects or things when performing magic, miracles have nothing to do with suppression of nature of things or objects. Miracles do not involve the use of energy. A miracle is all about the power of God or any other divine power. Miracles do draw your astonishment and delight, but you think about the Almighty upon experiencing them. You would praise the Lord if you experience miracles. The power of God becomes evident in the act of miracle.

As said before miracle is accepted as a miracle because at the time it cannot be explained by anything we know. However, a miracle can be proven otherwise sometimes. For example, think of someone considered dead starting to breathe again. That may be considered a miracle at the time but with medical checkups it can be proven as a result of some kind of an illness or a condition the person suffered that made him look dead.

What is the difference between Miracle and Magic?

• Magic is the act of a human being whereas a miracle is the act of God or any divine power.

• Compared to magic, miracles are very rare.

• The skill of the magician or the performer becomes evident in the act of magic, whereas the power of God becomes evident in the act of miracle.

• Hence, it is for sure that these two words cannot be interchangeable since they show great differences between them.

• When something is very beautiful so as to make it very remote from daily life too we use the term magic.


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  • Deanjay1961

    Why should I adopt this distinction, other than the author thinks magic done by Jesus should not be called by the same word as miracles performed by Merlin?

    • http://the-world-of-james76.0catch.com James Armstrong

      Magic isn’t performed by Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God, so He performs miracles. Calling Jesus’s Acts “magic” is blasphemous, because Jesus denied “good” magic.

      According to Revelation 21:8 (Chapter 21, Verse 8):
      “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, *those who practice magic arts*, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

      • Deanjay1961

        It’s more of a difference in Greek than English. In English they’re both cases of ‘poof’ and you get what you want. The Greek ‘dounamis’ implies inherent power and the Greek ‘pharmakeios’ implies poisoning, drugging, and other dark arts. The word ‘magic’ in English doesn’t carry the same moral implication, and is as reasonable a translation of dounamis as it it is of pharmakeios.

        • http://the-world-of-james76.0catch.com James Armstrong

          But miracles don’t involve wands, spellbooks, potions, puffs of smoke, broomsticks, or any other nonsensical magical things atheists think Jesus has when they say He performs magic – which, again, He doesn’t perform magic, He performs miracles.

          • Deanjay1961

            I don’t think he did any of that stuff either…and I’ve never met an atheist who does. They either think it was tricks or it was legend. A literary wizard could as easily just will the magic to happen. Miracles are a subset of magic. The definition of magic doesn’t require that props be used.

          • http://the-world-of-james76.0catch.com James Armstrong

            If “miracles are a subset of magic,” then magic is a subset of miracles; which would mean that miracles are both good and bad, and magic is both good and bad. Sorry, you can’t have things both ways!
            Back in the Medieval times, people thought that science (as we now call it) was magic. But it’s not. Magic is based on *wrong ideas*, whereas science is based on *right ideas*.
            Expecting God to perform every miracle for us is incredibly lazy. And there’s no “poof” (or puffs of smoke) when “someone gets miracles.”
            But miracles were used to prove that Jesus could turn water into wine, feed the crowd of fifty thousand Jews, etc., whereas magic is used to prove that you’re part of the Occult, which is against God.

          • Deanjay1961

            Do you think canoes being a subset of boats means boats are a subset of canoes?

          • http://the-world-of-james76.0catch.com James Armstrong

            No, I’m sure that’s what you think, but what you said about magic vs. miracles is still ridiculous.

          • Deanjay1961

            I dare you to make less sense.

  • Carlton O’Neal

    1.excellent miracle (primary definition) ~non official government sanctioned,independent,unexpected,shocking (positive) ,accomplishment,i.e.,creation,save/rescue,discovery,and problem solution or resolution.2.excellent exceptional magic (and miracle secondary definition) ~supernatural manipulation of elements aka dimensional magic: Greek Roman gods,Norse gods,India gods,Egypt gods,etc,/dimensional gods~ warlocks/witches,which depends on humans worship,physical nature,etc,but,supernatural pure plane of existence magic: Jewish Tara/Christian bible/Muslim Koran~God/angels,Satan/lucifer/demons~warlocks/witches,which,have extreme internal,pure energy force magic.these beings will create anything without dependency on physical nature,at all.these beings exist on not just one universe or one dimension,but,exist and have power over,i.e.,multiuniverses,multidimensions,multitimes,multipresence,and planes of existence,of course.therefore,miracle (primary definition ) is a shocking accomplishment,through,long-term hard work proaction ,or ,through, brief reaction /or short term effective action,while,miracle (secondary definition ) is a sanctification or. spellbinding~ anointment,through,a plane of existence magic all powerful being or plane of existence magic supernatural powered servant of such all powerful beings,i.e.,plane of existence wizard/warlock/sorcerer,also,witch/sorceress.illusion/trick magic could be used for realizing a miracle (primary definition) or creating amazement for other people or excellent special entertainment for other people enjoyment or fascination.supernatural magic(dimensional magic or plane of existence) ;supernatural miracle (usually,a wish granted by a plane of existence being,because of sympathy for suffering or extreme religious prayer) .note:supernatural dimensional gods were once common natural beings but evolved to become ultra powerful beings through a combination of dimensional manipulation nature magic ,with,special science.this is my opinion of the magic vs miracle.