Difference Between Miss America and Miss USA

Miss America vs Miss USA

Beauty pageants are very popular all over the world, and people watch them with great interest and expectation. Miss World and Miss Universe are two of the most prestigious beauty pageants across the world with the winners of national beauty pageants being sent to take part in these competitions to represent their respective countries. There are two separate beauty pageants Miss USA and Miss America are being organized in US confusing the outside world as people cannot understand the logic behind having two national beauty pageants. Many think them to be the same too. However, there are differences between Miss America and Miss USA that will be talked about in this article.

Miss America

Miss America is a long standing and a very important beauty pageant being held in the US for close to a hundred years now. It was started way back in 1921 as a promotional gimmick to lure tourists to Atlantic City. Representatives of all 50 states of the country participate in this beauty pageant, and the winner is crowned Miss America. The winners are normally provided scholarships for higher studies as most participants in this beauty pageant are students.

Miss USA

Miss USA is a beauty pageant that is organized by Miss Universe Organization and the winner of this competition gets a chance to represent the country in the Miss Universe beauty pageant. It was only Miss America till 1951and the first Miss USA was organized in the year 1952 as one of the major sponsors of the Miss America beauty pageant withdrew its support. This sponsor, called Catalina, made bathing suits and asked the winner of 1950 competition to pose in a swimsuit. She refused, making Catalina angry and they decided to hold a separate beauty pageant called Miss USA where there was a special swimsuit round for the contestants.

What is the difference between Miss America and Miss USA?

• Miss America is a rival beauty pageant to Miss USA.

• Miss America is an older national beauty pageant than Miss USA.

• Miss America started in 1921 while Miss USA started in 1952.

• Miss America has less glamour and status today than Miss USA.

• Miss America winners get scholarships to various institutions.

• Miss USA winner gets a chance to represent the country in Miss Universe beauty pageant.

• Miss America and Miss USA are organized by different organizations.

• Miss USA is organized by Miss Universe Organization.

• Miss America contestants focus upon education, whereas Miss USA contestants dream about Victoria Secret and Miss Universe.

• Miss USA is all about appearance and good looks, whereas Miss America emphasizes thinking ability, in addition to good looks.