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Difference Between Mixtapes and Albums

Mixtapes vs Albums

When people talk about music, everyone seems to have different points, opinions and ideas about it. There are people who just talk about music but there are others who “do” music. They create, produce, perform and write music. Others who have lived a life full of dreams and ambitions about becoming the next hit artist have made more music than anyone can ever imagine. The dream stars to become real ones they hear themselves over the radio and to do this, they have to showcase their talents. That is where mixtapes and albums come in, they are both recorded songs by an artist but they do have differences.

A mixtape is a compilation of songs performed by an artist. Usually the songs vary in genre depending on what types of genre the singer could sing. A mixtape usually includes songs that the artists believe what other people would want to hear and appreciate. Usually mixtapes are attributed to a project that was not taken very seriously. They see mixtapes as something funky, fun and just purely entertainment. For the singer, mixtapes are the compilation of the best songs he or she has ever recorded for the purpose of showcasing his or her talent.

An album however, denotes a more formal and serious note. It connotes prestige and to a certain level that others would perceive as something far greater than mixtapes. The album’s content is basically the choice of the producer or the recording company which the singer is collaborating or working with. Usually the genres are limited to one or two, with the songs revolving around a particular theme. Albums are usually the ones being sold in record stores thereby making it more formal, prestigious and appealing to the audiences.

So the next time you hear about mixtapes and album, you will be more knowledgeable about their differences. Both may contain songs but both have different styles of compiling each. One may lean more towards pure entertainment and having fun while the other may connote a far serious side in music. It is good to understand where the words come from and what each means so that we could get to understand music well enough to appreciate it more.

In Brief:

1. Mixtapes and albums both consists of music sang by a singer to showcase and share his or her talent.

2. Both are made to entertain.

3. A mixtape is a compilation of songs chosen by the artist himself or herself while the company or producer has the last say on what songs goes into an album.

4. Mixtapes are perceived informal while albums are seen as formal, and prestigious.

5. Albums usually revolve around 1 genre and theme while the mixtapes can be composed of several genres and varying music theme.


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