Difference Between Mocha and Cappuccino

Mocha vs Cappuccino

Coffee is a wonderful beverage that has been a source of energy for millions of people around the world who start their day with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. There are many variants, drinks that are prepared from same coffee, and it is important to know the differences between them to be able to enjoy your favorite drink at a coffee house. Mocha and Cappuccino are two popular drinks made out of coffee and loved by people in all parts of the world. This article attempts to highlight these differences by describing the process through which these drinks are made, as well as, ingredients that go into making mocha or a cappuccino.


Mocha is perhaps the most bitter or chocolaty in taste than other blends or variants prepared with the same coffee. It is a beverage that contains one third of espresso and two thirds of steamed milk with generous sprinkling of chocolate or cocoa powder. The mochaccino served at your local Barista store is nothing but this mocha. Mocha is also referred to as a special variety of coffee that has rounder and smaller beans than other coffees around the world. This type of coffee is native to Yemen and Ethiopia and it was first exported through the port of Mocha, hence the name.


Cappuccino is made up of espresso and milk. The milk is foamy and makes cappuccino feel very light. But as the volume of milk is less, it makes cappuccino the strongest of coffee drinks that have an espresso base. When preparing cappuccino, air is rushed inside milk to give it a smooth texture. Thus, cappuccino is espresso, over which steamed hot foamed milk is poured so that you find thick foam at the top. Often an experienced Barista will decorate the top foamy layer with artistic shapes at the time of pouring milk on top of espresso (called Latte art).

What is the difference between Mocha and Cappuccino?

• Cappuccino and Mocha are two different beverages made out of coffee.

• While cappuccino is just espresso and foamy milk at top, mocha is both a special type of coffee bean that is rounder and smaller and a coffee beverage that contains espresso, milk, and good quantity of cocoa powder or chocolate powder.

• Mocha is more bitter in taste than cappuccino.