Difference Between Model and Framework

Model vs Framework

When a research is conducted or being planned the approach is basically defined by two key concepts. Those are the framework and the model. The framework gives the overall structure of the project while the model explores the specific methodology of the research.


A conceptual framework is used in research to give an overall picture of the possible courses of action or to bring a preferred approach to a thought or idea. Conceptual framework focuses on presenting the connectivity amongst all aspects of research. The interconnectedness, dependency and the structure amongst problem, purpose, literature, methodology, data collection, analysis, resources, and functions are loosely pictured using the framework of the research.

Framework can be seen from many perspectives; some of these can be summarized as follows. An organized structure of ideas, concepts, and other things are involved to describe the coherence and to be easily communicated to other people. It can also be considered as an overview of the concepts and practices involved in the project. The performance and tasks of the research progress in the general direction are given by the framework.


A model is something that is used to represent something else; typically used in place of the original. Physical models and conceptual models are the two main types of models. A conceptual model is a model that exists in one`s mind.

In a more abstract way, it can be considered as a theoretical construct that represent something using the set of variable quantities and the logical and quantitative relationships among them. In scientific research, these are important concepts and allow investigation and reasoning into the phenomena described by the model.

The model may idealize the situation within the given framework, by making assumptions to simplify or remove the error included by natural variations in the concerned system. The ultimate example for a conceptual model is the quantum theory. Almost all the physical phenomena in quantum scale are based on an advanced mathematical model and indirect observations only verify the validity of the model. We can never get a first hand observation or verification to validate the theory.

What is the difference between Model and Framework?

• A model is something used to represent or explain the operation and mechanism of something else. A conceptual model exists in one`s mind.

• A framework is a way of representing the empirical relations between every aspect of inquiry when considered a scientific theory or research. It describes the general direction and the constraints of the theory or research.