Difference Between Mortar and Grout

Mortar vs Grout

Grout and mortar are words used commonly in masonry. These are products that are used by a mason during construction of floors and walls. These are similar products with similar ingredients confusing many people who think them to be same or interchangeable products. However, despite overlap, there is a difference between grout and mortar that will be highlighted in this article.

What is Mortar?

Mortar is the most common product used by a mason as he constructs walls with bricks. This is a product that serves to bind the bricks together and used in the form of a paste by the mason. The mason fills the gaps between bricks and other stones with this mortar and allows the construction to become rigid as mortar sets in with the passage of time and becomes hard. Mortar is nothing but a mixture of cement, sand, and water where cement works as a binder. However, mortar can also be made without cement with the help of lime. In any case, the primary role of the mortar in masonry is to work as a binder to hold bricks in place where the joints or spaces between bricks are filled with this paste. Even when laying a bed of tiles, mortar paste is first placed on the floor to let tiles stick on to this paste

What is Grout?

Grout is a mixture made with cement and other ingredients. It is primarily used to fill spaces or the joints between ceramic or stone tiles. Usually grout is either sanded or unsanded. Sanded one contains sand to provide a mixture that is more stable. This type of grout works well in places where the joints to be filled are wide whereas the grout not containing sand is used in places where the joints are very narrow. Many people believe that grout helps in keeping away water from seeping inside. However, the fact is that grout is very porous and absorbs water. This means that all spills make the joints dirty very soon and the white joints start to look brownish. Grout is a binder, but it is certainly not an adhesive and the tiles stay in place because of the mortar below them and not because of this grout.

What is the difference between Mortar and Grout?

• Mortar works as a binder whereas grout is just filler.

• Grout contains more water than mortar.

• Grout is used to fill spaces between tiles whereas mortar is used to bind bricks and stones together.

• Grout is available in pourable consistency whereas mortar has to be made.

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