Difference Between Motto and Slogan

Motto vs Slogan

We come across mottoes frequently in life. These are short statements containing beliefs and ideals that are used to motivate people and organizations. There is another term slogan that is very confusing for some as it is very similar to motto. In fact, many companies have mottoes as well as slogans. However, despite similarities and overlap, there are differences between motto and slogan that will be talked about in this article.


Motto is a phrase or sentence that contains a belief or an ideal. It works as a guiding principle for an individual or an entire organization. Companies make use of motto to motivate their employees and keep them visible at important places inside the premises. Even political parties have mottoes to remind their workers about their guiding principle to keep them motivated. Mottoes serve to protect the identity of a company and to make them appear distinct from others. People like to have their motto in life to work as a guiding principle such as Be Brave, Be Honest, etc. Shops and companies have mottoes to motivate employees and to attract customers such as ‘to first and foremost serve our customers well’. Noblesse oblige is a motto that reminds people of high origin by birth or rank about their social responsibility to be benevolent and behave in an honorable manner.

Take a look at the following mottos.

• Time is money

• Honesty is the best policy

• Time and money wait for none

• Do not do unto others what others don’t want to do unto you

• Be brave


A slogan is a catchy phrase or sentence that used mostly by businesses and political parties to attract new members and clients. It is also used by organizations, whether they are commercial or not. Religious and charitable organizations make heavy use of slogans to keep their flock together. A slogan can be a very powerful marketing tool as it can appeal to the customers of a company in such a manner that they support the brand and be loyal to it. Slogans are simple but impressive in the sense that they can be understood by all.

Take a look at the slogans of some of the popular companies.

• Life is good (LG)

• Think different (Apple)

• The king of beers (Budweiser)

• ‘American by birth

• Rebel by choice’ (Harley Davidson)

What is the difference between Motto and Slogan?

• Slogans are simpler than Mottos

• Mottos reflect the belief or ideal and help in motivating people

• Mottos can be of individuals, organizations and even countries

• Slogans are catchy sentences that help companies have loyal customers

• Slogans are used by religious organizations and revolutionary movements, to attract members

• Slogans used by companies harp upon their distinct quality or feature