Difference Between Movie and Cinema

Movie vs Cinema

Movie, cinema, flick, film, show, theater are some of the words people use when they have to go to the hall to watch a movie. Movies or cinema are an integral part of our lives, and most of us make no difference between the two and use the terms interchangeably as if they were synonyms. Of course, one can use either of the two words when going to watch a film in a theater. However, the two words carry different connotations where movie is perceived as popular culture, whereas cinema is perceived as a medium of art. There are some more differences between movie and cinema that will be talked about in this article.

In US, it is movie, in France, it is film or cinema, in UK, it is cinema, in India it is film, and so on. In different countries and cultures, the same medium of art is known and popular with a different name. However, most people understand that cinema and movie are the words that are used for the same medium of entertainment. Talking of UK, if cinema was the word more common for a film, it is show that has become more popular and people talk about going to a show rather than a cinema as if they are doing something classier.


Cinema is a word that comes from the French cinematograph that is used to refer to the device that projects a motion picture on to a screen. This French word, in turn, comes from the Greek kinein, which means to move. When we use the term cinema for a film, we are actually referring to an art form that was in its initial phase termed as motion picture or moving picture. However, with the passage of time, cinema turned into the medium of entertainment and any motion picture came to be termed as cinema. In some countries, the theaters that exhibit movies are also called cinema halls indicating the fact that cinema is a word also used for the building inside moving picture is exhibited for viewing.


In most parts of the world, it is the word movie that is commonly used for the medium of entertainment also called cinema and film. In fact, movie is a more popular word than cinema and represents popular culture more than a medium of art. However, using the word movie for a moving picture is in no sense pejorative or implies a film having any lesser artistic value. Movie is an alternative name for a motion picture that is used in all parts of the world.

Movie vs Cinema

• Cinema is a word that is derived from the French cinematograph and is used to refer to a moving picture.

• Movie is a word that is commonly used all over the world for motion pictures.

• Movie is more popular than cinema that seems to have artistic connotations.

• Word movie does not lower the artistic aspect of any film.