Difference Between Movie and Video

Movie vs Video

Video is a very common word today. We buy mobiles that can make videos to capture the memorable moments in our lives. There was a time when people bought video cassette players and watched movies by playing video cassettes. Video format is a format in which TV serials have long been shot and telecast. On the other hand, movie is a word used for moving picture or motion picture and refers to films that people go to watch in halls or theaters. There are people who remain confused between movie and video because of their similarities and cannot tell the difference by watching them. This article takes a closer look at these two similar mediums to find out their differences.


Movie is a word that is used to refer to a moving picture that tells a story or an event. It is a word that conjures up images of not just films that we watch in halls or theaters but also the world of movie stars that is so very glamorous and elusive. Movie is also used to refer to the art of filmmaking. Film is so called as it projects a series of still photographs on a screen at a fast rate in such a manner that it appears to be moving. A movie is simply this series of pictures that are shown a very fast pace so that they appear to be moving to us.

Movies or films have traditionally made use of a photographic film and a movie camera. This camera makes use of light entering through the lens on the film made with a chemical that creates an image of the object being shot. If a movie camera is specified as 24 fps capacity, it means that it captures 24 frames or stills of the moving object in a second. These frames get exposed on the film and when projected at a fast rate, we see a movie because of a scientific principle called persistence of motion.


Video is a mechanism of obtaining moving pictures. This system records and broadcasts moving images with the help of a tape called videotape or disc or any other mode. We encounter the term video quite often in our daily lives these days because of the ability of mobile phones to make video clips. This format allows us to record and broadcast moving images just like a movie or a film. There are many different video systems or formats such as PAL, SECAM, and NTSC that differ in frame rates. There are also progressive and interlaced videos. Video technology has come a long way since it was first invented as analog video in the 50’s.

Movie vs Video

• Video is inexpensive, whereas movie is expensive.

• There is a difference of frame rate between video and movie.

• Video can be easily transferred on to computer whereas a film has to be digitized before transferring on to a computer.