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Difference Between Mrs and Ms

Mrs vs Ms

Mrs and Ms are two titles that are often confused due to some sort of similarity in their usages. Actually there is some difference between the two titles. Ms is normally used to refer to women who do not wish to say whether they are married or not. The practice of addressing such women is quite popular in the United States of America and it is interesting to note that it is slowly becoming popular in the Great Britain too.

On the other hand Mrs is used to address a woman who is married. Mrs is used in combination with the husband’s name to refer to the wife as for example Mrs. Francis. Sometimes Mrs is used as a direct title for the woman as for example Mrs Julie. The purpose behind the usage of Mrs differs from region to region. In some countries even unmarried women are addressed with the title Mrs. In many countries married women alone are addressed with the title of Mrs.

A woman who divorced her husband also is addressed with the title of Ms. In other words any woman who is presently unmarried can be addressed with the title of Ms. A spinster too can be addressed by using the title Ms. The usages of Mrs and Ms are interchanged in many places although they should not be. In some cases elderly woman or a matron is addressed by using the title Mrs.

Any woman who is in the threshold of adulthood can be addressed with the title of Ms. In other words it can be said that a grown-up girl can be addressed by using Ms. These are some of the rules to be followed when it comes to the usage of the titles Mrs and Ms. Of course the usage is very important as far communicative language is concerned.


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