Difference Between MRT and LRT


MRT and LRT are rapid transport systems of Singapore that have been designed to provide transport services to the people of the nation state that are fast and efficient. Both MRT and LRT are operated by SBS transit, a company that also operates the bus network plying on the streets. There are many similarities in these two systems yet are different in their own ways that will be discussed in this article.


It stands for Mass rapid Transit and is a system of cars joined together that move at great speeds. MRT is intended for use by those who move along long distances that are highly congested during day time. MRT trains crisscross around the entire nation state and have an efficient bus system to cater to the needs of commuters when they get off at various stations. Buses are important to maintain MRT as the stations are built away from main areas and are often underground. The stations are spacious and there is information available for passengers to next train apart from which trains to get on to reach their destinations. The length of the route of MRT is 130 km with 87 stations lying in between.


It stands for Light Rail Transit and has been specially developed to reach out for passengers commuting inside the city. This rail system focuses on local housing schemes to help people reach different part of the city. For this reason, there are many more stoppages than MRT and the trains are also smaller in size. The trains in LRT have lower speeds than MRT as they stop at many stations. LRT was introduced in 1999 as a part of Singapore rail network and has become very popular in a decade expanding to most of housing localities of the city. Most of the tracks are either elevated or run in viaducts to save on precious space around the city.

What’s the difference between MRT and LRT?

• MRT is used more by those moving long distances and around the nation state whereas LRT is intended to cater to the needs of the people commuting inside the city, especially housing localities.

• MRT moves at a greater speed and has longer trains while LRT trains are smaller in length and move slowly because of numerous stoppages.

• LRT stations are conspicuous being built underground and the trains move on elevated tracks

• MRT is supported by an efficient bus service to cater to the needs of the people.