Difference Between MS Office Professional and MS Office Home and Business

MS Office Professional vs MS Office Home vs Business

MS Office Professional and MS Office Home and Business both are the products from MICROSOFT and the latest version is MS Office 2010. These provide the user with the ability to create, edit and manage their documents. Both these products come as packages, but they differ a little bit in the applications that they provide to the user.

Office Professional

This is a product of the software building giant Microsoft. It is also known as MS Office Professional for short. This product is a paid office suite and it serves the purpose of communicating, creating and sharing documents. Office professional is a package which consists of programs like Power point, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Access and Word. This product is available for ‘Microsoft Windows’ as well as ‘Mac OS X’ operating systems. The latest version introduced by the company is ‘Office 2010’ for both the operating systems i.e. Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Now, by using different programs of this suite, it becomes very easy to work and you can get your work efficiently organised. In the latest version (Office 2010), the user can edit the pictures in the documents to enhance the visual appearance. You can use mini charts, slicers and other tools in ‘excel’ and get your finances organised efficiently. One major benefit of this product is that you can create a document and then you can also use web applications to edit or share the document from any place where you have an internet connection. This suite comes with an application called ‘Access,’ which helps in creating a database of your own. Making the presentations is quite an easy job to do with the features of ‘PowerPoint’. This is a complete suite for doing and organising work at professional end in a secure way.

Office Home and Business

This product is also available for ‘Microsoft Windows’ and ‘Mac OS X’ operating systems. Whether you are at home or office this product from Microsoft will help you to stay productive and connected. This product provides the user with top of line programs to help to create, share, edit and to stay organised. Moreover it comes with a one year technical support which is just a phone call away and the professionals will assist you in every way possible. This is a further version of the Microsoft office which was launched in 1989.

The programs included in this suite are Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point, One Note. Also the system requirements are not too high to run this program. It requires the 500 MHZ or faster processor, minimum 256 MB RAM and a 3GB space.

Difference between MS Office Professional and Office Home and Business

› Number of programs available in both of these suites are different; there are 7 programs in Microsoft office professional and 5 in Microsoft office home and business.

› The latest version of the office professional (Office 2010 Professional) is expensive than the other because of more applications.

› The user cannot make the database from the tools in office home and business whereas this can be done in the Professional.

› Ms Office professional also comes with ‘publisher’, which is excluded in office home and business.

› The major difference in both the products is in the price and the programs included.