Difference Between MSc and MPhil

MSc vs MPhil

For those who are interested in higher studies beyond graduation, there are many ways to get degrees and recognition. Usually there is master’s degree that is referred to as MS in US while it is called Master’s in Arts and Masters in Science depending upon whether a student completes the course in humanities or takes up science subjects such as physics, chemistry and math or biology. There is another degree course by the name of MPhil that is the equivalent of MS in the US and referred to as Master of Philosophy. However, there are many differences between MSc and MPhil that will be discussed in this article.

MSc can be course based, research based or a mixture of both. Where both course and research are involved, there may be different requirements in different Universities. However, MPhil is basically a research based degree with little, and sometimes no course work. It also requires a thesis to be completed and duly submitted. Both MSc and MPhil are academic degrees but being research oriented, MPhil is more suitable for those having a desire to go into a teaching career. MPhil is also considered to be a more respectable degree than MSc. However, those doing MPhil need to go on to do PhD which is time consuming and a prerequisite for tenure at a college or University. So between the two, MSc may be a better choice if one needs to go for a job right after the completion of degree.

There are some who do their Bachelors, Masters, MPhil, and then finally PhD. This is of course long and tedious process, but those who are either cleaver or rich take this journey as at the end of it, they not only have got to the end as far as studies in their chosen field of study is concerned, they also become a doctor and a decent job at a college or university.

In brief:

MSc vs MPhil

• Both MSc and MPhil are postgraduate degrees that differ in content and orientation.

• While MSc is more courses based, MPhil is a research based course that requires a thesis to be completed and submitted

• MSc is better if you are looking for employment straight away while MPhil is better for those interested in an academic career.

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