Difference Between Myth and Fable

Myth vs Fable

In every part of the world, irrespective of geographical boundaries, there are stories about extraordinary characters and creatures that get passed down to every new generation. These are termed as fairy tales, fables, myths and legends that are very similar to each other. Here we will confine ourselves to myth and fable that have many similarities but are different in some respects. This article will attempt to clear some misunderstanding by explaining about both myth and fable.


It is easy to see how myths came into existence. With no science and audio visual tools for aid, it was hard for people to understand natural phenomenon such as thunder storms, lightening, fire rains and draughts. As people did not have answers to these events, they made up stories with super natural elements weaved in. These stories were passed from one generation to another and people believed in them as they had no way to verify the authenticity of such explanation. With ever generation more color and facts got added to these myths making them totally unbelievable. Myths often have superheroes with supernatural powers that is hard to digest in today’s circumstances. Myths often existed and could survive because they got the support of religion which was enough to convince the timid and illiterate people in the veracity of the story.


Fables are also stories that are not real to say the least as they have talking animals, plants and creatures that do not exist in reality. These are short stories that carry a message for the audience. They are mostly moral in nature as they are meant to prohibit people from committing certain acts. These stories have moral values that were designed to inculcate good values in the population. These fables, though containing talking animals have an impact on the minds of growing kids as they get to learn about morals and behaviors to avoid in a beautiful manner. Some immortal fables that are popular all over the world are The Crow and the Pitcher, The Lion and the Mouse, Tortoise and Hare that are still found in children’s story books and even find mention in class books of small kids.

Myth vs Fable

• Myths and fables are stories from a timeless past that have been passed down successive generation through text or word of mouth.

• Myths are stories made up to explain natural events that could not be explained through science in the past. These stories have heroes and supernatural elements that got exaggerated with each generation and are hard to believe today.

• Fables are stories with talking animals, plants and creatures that were made up to provide moral lessons and are timeless in the sense that they still find place in children’s story books.