Difference Between Naan and Pita

Pita vs Naan

Bread is a staple food in many parts of the world. It is an ancient foodstuff discovered when man learnt that wheat powder, when mixed with water and heated, could give rise to a stuff that could be eaten directly. There are many different types of breads with Naan being a variety of leavened flatbread from Persia and South Asia while Pita is another leavened bread variety from Spain. Many people find Naan and Pita to be very similar and remain confused between the two. Though similar, there are differences between Naan and pita that will be highlighted in this article.


Naan is a special type of bread that is considered a delicacy in entire South Asia and prepared for consumption on special occasions. It is a flatbread that is leavened with yeast and made in a special oven that is called a tandoor. Naan is made with wheat flour that is mixed with water and is leavened by yogurt. Milk and butter are also added during its preparation. The dough rises in volume when left in the cooking area by receiving heat. Balls are cut from this dough and pasted on the inside of the oven to rise and become cooked. Special consideration has to be given to the time duration as otherwise the bread can become too crunchy or it can remain uncooked if taken off the oven in a short time. The thing to remember with Naan is that it has to be made inside clay ovens rather than modern ovens to maintain its taste and flavor.


Pita is leavened bread that is Spanish in origin. You can easily make a pita bread using wheat flour, salt, oil, water, and sugar. You need yeast for leavening the bread. Pita bread makes for an excellent pizza base, but you can also have it on its own. Cut a pita bread and you get two halves with pockets that can be filled with ingredients to eat. If you are a vegetarian, you can fill vegetables with sauce or you can fill in something non vegetarian, to have differently flavored pita bread.

What is the difference between Naan and Pita?

• Pita is a leavened flatbread from Spain and Greece whereas Naan is a bread from Persia and Indian subcontinent.

• Nan is made inside a special clay oven, whereas pita can be made inside modern oven.

• Yogurt is used in Naan, whereas it is not used to make Pita.

• Naan is softer and fluffier than pita.

• Naan can be plain or stuffed, whereas pita is usually plain but can be stuffed after cutting it into two halves.

• Butter or ghee is used to make Naan, whereas pita does not use them.

• Pita has a pocket while Naan has no pockets.


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