Difference Between Nanoweb and Polyweb

Nanoweb vs Polyweb

Strings of musical instruments get corroded over a period of time and use because of moisture. This corrosion also takes place because of protein deposition from the fingers of the instrument players. This means strings become poor quality and need to be replaced by new strings frequently. This is the reason why many companies are producing coatings of vinyl material over strings. Nanoweb and Polyweb are two such coatings made by a company called Elixir that is renowned for its quality. This article attempts to find differences between Nanoweb and Polyweb.

The strings of guitar and other musical instruments are made of metal, and they start to deposit oils, sweat, and moisture if they do not have any coating or layer over them. This causes corrosion of the string and the sound produced by it also starts to sound hollow. Elixir makes use of a patented technology to apply a protective coating over the strings of the guitar or other stringed instrument. This coating is made of fluoropolymer and forms a barrier against moisture and other liquids that can cause corrosion of the string. Nanoweb and Polyweb are two different products by the same company and provide long lasting protection against corrosion to the strings of musical instruments. However, there are differences in tone and feeling that are described below.

Most people who have had experiences of both types of coatings say that Polyweb has a warm tone whereas Nanoweb as a bright tone. Also, Polyweb provides a smooth feeling while playing the strings, whereas strings feel as if they have not been coated at all when it comes to Nanoweb coating as it is very thin coating. With Polyweb, there is much less squeak of fingers.

Elixir Nanoweb vs Polyweb

• Nanoweb is thinner than Polyweb coating.

• Polyweb feels smoother than Nanoweb coating.

• Polyweb reduces finger squeaking much less.

• Both Polyweb and Nanoweb make strings last 3-5 times longer than uncoated strings.

• Nanoweb produces bright tone, whereas Polyweb produces mellow tone.