Difference Between Natural and Organic

Natural vs Organic | Natural vs Organic Food

According to many references, there is a significant difference between natural and organic food products. However, some would believe that both these mean the same. It is true that all the natural food products are organic, but it does not mean that organic foods are natural. This article intends to discuss the differences between these two products. To start with, the processes of production of these two are completely different as the name natural food indicates.


The term natural means, they are the naturally produced and minimally processed foods. The important feature of the natural food is that they do not contain manufactured ingredients such as introduced hormones, antibiotics, sweeteners, colourings, and flavourings. Since natural foods are a product of nature, it is in fact, a gift. Therefore, it does not have to meet standards set up by an approved board of certification. However, most of the standards were based according to the natural food constituents. People usually prefer natural food, because they believe excessive processing could sometimes disturb the nutritional value of the product. The water content of the natural food is high and available almost all across the country. Since, it involves no or minimal steps for the processing, their shelf life is not long.


Organic foods are made up using modern techniques and synthetic chemicals to improve the quality of the product. Organic products should go through special authorities for certification before reaching the public to consume. Only if, the standards are met, the product could reach the public. In addition, the labelling is another important step to consider, as it involves some important rules and regulations by each government or authorised agents of the governments. However, there is an increasing demand for organic food, because of the high nutrient content. Organic food could give an assurance about the content, manufactured and expiry dates. It is also convenient for the consumer with easy handling designs. Organic food products however, are not available everywhere, but in super markets or in recognized shops only. Usually, organic foods have a long shelf life.

What is the difference between Natural and Organic Food?

• The production step has a huge difference between natural and organic foods, being natural and artificial respectively.

• Natural products do not contain artificial hormones, flavours and sweeteners, whereas it is the other way around in organic products.

• The natural foods do not have to meet standards, but organic foods do have to meet standards.

• Organic product manufacturers should follow the rules and regulations in labelling, but not the natural food manufacturers.

• People prefer more towards the natural foods over organic products, as they believe over processing could disturb the nutritional quality of the product.

• Organic foods have a longer shelf life than that of natural foods.

• Natural foods are available in more places, when compared to the availability of organic foods.