Difference Between Nazarene and Baptist

Key Difference – Nazarene vs Baptist

Most people are aware of the denomination called Baptist Christians. These are believers of the faith that place great emphasis in baptism and say that one should have baptism only for the believers rather than conducting this important ritual during infancy. There is another denomination among Christians that is called the Church of Nazarenes and believers in this denomination are referred to as Nazarenes. Many people remain confused between Baptists and Nazarenes because of their similarities. Despite similarities, there are differences that will be highlighted in his article.

Who is a Nazarene?

There are many Christian denominations around the world. Nazarene is one denomination that traces its root to the Holiness movement that spread across North American in the 19th century. Today there are more than 2 million Nazarenes around the world with a significant numbers living in India and Bangladesh. The beliefs of Nazarenes reflect the teachings of John Wesley and several other preachers of 19th century. From its inception, the emphasis of the Church of Nazarenes has been on the personal holiness of the members.

The most distinguishing feature of Nazarenes is that they believe that an individual can walk away from the teachings of the Christ and, therefore, there is no assurance or guarantee of salvation. As such, one has to keep working to maintain a relationship with god.

Difference Between Nazarene and Baptist


Who is a Baptist?

Baptism is a very important ritual among Christians that is also an act of obedience. It is identification with Jesus, the death, burial, and finally resurrection of Christ. There are some who believe it is a ritual that washes away one’s sins. It is a religious ceremony where a believer is washed with water as a symbol of his purification. However, Baptists are those Christians that believe that this ritual or ceremony should be reserved only for the believers and they dismiss baptism during infancy. They also believe in Baptism by immersion and not by sprinkling of water.

Baptists are believed to be Christians under Protestant denomination. The Church of Baptists was first started by English pastor John Smyth who said that only believers should undergo baptism and rejected infant Baptism. There are more than 100 million Baptist Christians worldwide of which nearly 33 million live in North America alone.

Nazarene vs Baptist

What is the difference between Nazarene and Baptist?

Definitions of Nazarene and Baptist:

Nazarene: Nazarenes believe that one has to continue to work to maintain a relationship with God.

Baptist: Baptists are believers of Calvin, which means that once saved, a person is assured of salvation.

Characteristics of Nazarene and Baptist:


Nazarene: Nazarenes allow baptism of people of all ages.

Baptist: Baptists believe that baptism should be for believers only and reject infant baptism.


Nazarene: Nazarenes say that one can fall from his grace by his thoughts and actions.

Baptist: Baptists say that you cannot lose salvation once you are a believer while


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