Difference Between Neolithic and Paleolithic Age

Key Difference – Neolithic vs Paleolithic Age

The history of the world or that of humanity is much older than the Christian calendar that we make use of. It is traced from the Paleolithic Age or the early Stone Age and continues through the Neolithic age. Lithic is a suffix that indicates the use of stone while Paleo means old and Neo means new. The transition from Paleolithic Age to Neolithic age took place as humans learnt the art of farming and domestication of animals. There are many similarities and overlap between the two prehistoric times, but there is also glaring differences that will be talked about in his article.

What is Neolithic Age?

Neolithic Age is a short time period that is believed to have started around 10,200 BC and ended around 4,500 BC to 2,500 BC in different parts of the world. Also called the new Stone Age, this is a time period during which man learnt the art of agriculture and also domestication of animals. In fact, it is the introduction of agriculture that is believed to have led to the onset of Neolithic age. This age is also said to be the beginning of the time period during which man learnt to live in settlements. Man did farming and grew different types of crops. Living in a place, he also learnt to raise sheep and cattle for dairy products. Food was now found in abundance and this relative safety led to the development of trading in stones and shells and beads. A settled life also led to a boom in the population. There were much advancement in art and culture, and all these changes led to the development of modern civilizations.

Difference Between Neolithic and Paleolithic Age


What is Paleolithic Age?

Paleolithic Age is a time period in prehistoric times when the world saw the emergence of the modern man. However, it is the earliest time period in the history of man and stretches from 200,000 BC to nearly 10,000 BC. Man lived a very simple life that of a hunter gatherer with survival being the primary instinct. Men folk hunted animals while women tended to children and remained at home. Man lived a nomadic life dependent upon the migratory patterns of animals and birds and made use of caves, tree trunks and other natural shelters for home. Man made use of tools made of stone to kill animals, and this skill is the most important one developed by man during this time period.

Neolithic vs Paleolithic Age

What is the difference between Neolithic and Paleolithic Age?

Definitions of Neolithic and Paleolithic Age:

Neolithic Age: Neolithic Age is the new Stone Age.

Paleolithic Age: Paleolithic Age is the Old Stone Age.

Characteristics of Neolithic and Paleolithic Age:

Time period:

Neolithic Age: Neolithic Age started around 10,200BC to 3,000BC.

Paleolithic Age: Paleolithic Age lasted from 200,000BC to nearly 10,000BC


Neolithic Age: Man was a hunter gatherer during Paleolithic Age .

Paleolithic Age: Man learnt farming and domestication of animals to lead a settled life in Neolithic Age.


Neolithic Age: The tools in Neolithic age that are more complex and advanced.

Paleolithic Age: Paleolithic age tools are cruder and simpler.


Neolithic Age: Man learnt to make clothes of cotton and wool during Neolithic Age.

Paleolithic Age: Man wore animal hides and leaves in Paleolithic Age.


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