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Difference Between NFC and AFC


Both, NFC and AFC, are being conferences of NFL (National Football Leagueof America, the difference between NFC and AFC would be of interest of football fans. NFC stands for National Football Conference and AFC stands for American Football Conference. Each conference has four divisions and 16 teams, which sums up to a total of 32 teams on the most-attended sport league, NFL. Football is a very entertaining sport, and football fans would be well aware of the difference between NFC and AFC. However, for those of whom are not too keen on the sport, this may be a source of bafflement.

What is NFC?

When National Football League (NFL) merged with American Football League (AFL), NFC was born. The original NFC logo was a large, blue N with three stars aligned diagonally, representing the 3 divisions it used to have since 1970 to 2001. These were the Eastern, Central and Western divisions. In 2002, NFC gained one more division and NFC updated its logo, now having four stars for the 4 divisions it now represents.

NFC Teams | Difference Between NFC and AFC_1The Logos of the 16 Teams of National Football Conference (NFC) 

What is AFC?

AFC was also created after the merging of NFL and AFL in 1970. The ten former teams of AFL together with NFL teams which were Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Colts, joined AFC. The original logo of AFC was a large, red A with three stars on each side. The updated logo for AFC starting 2010 is a big, red A with four stars aligned diagonally at the right side.

AFC Teams Logos | Difference Between NFC and AFC_2The Logos of the 16 Teams of American Football Conference (AFC) 

What is the difference between NFC and AFC?

NFC and AFC are known as rivals in the world of football but due to public demand, they formed a Pro League which attracted more football fans and finances for both. Most of the football fans are not aware of the difference between the two.

• NFC and AFC are both members of the NFL that comprises four divisions with 16 teams each.

• Both logos have four stars aligned diagonally. NFC logo has a blue N in the center and AFC logo has a red A in the center.

• NFC has its playoffs to be able to determine the next champion at the end of each regular season. With regards to AFC, before the end of each season, the AFC champion is selected. Then, each champion faces each other in the Super Bowl to be able to be the next NFL champion.

• Although NFC and AFC are both football conferences with the same number of teams, both have different teams assigned to them which would determine the champ of all champs.


Image Attribution: Bud Light – National Football League, National ConferenceAmerican Conference by Roger Wollstadt (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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