Difference Between No and Know

Key Difference – No vs Know

No and know are two homophones: they have different meanings and spellings, but the same pronunciation. No is the opposite of yes and is used as a determiner, adverb, noun, and exclamation. Know, which means to have knowledge of something, is a verb. This is the key difference between no and know.

What Does Know Mean?

Know is always a verb. Its past tense is knew and past participle is known. To know means:

To have knowledge

I know that you are going to leave town tomorrow.

He knows this book by heart.

They know French, English, Chinese and Spanish.

To be aware of

I know what I’m doing.

They know something is going to happen tonight.

To be familiar or acquainted with

He knows her father.

I’d know your voice anywhere.

I know that voice, where have I seen him before?

Key Difference - No vs Know

What Does No Mean?

No is a determiner, adverb, exclamation and a noun. It can never be used as a verb. No is the exact opposite of yes. No is used to negate something (to make something negative) or to give a negative response. no is mainly used as a determiner and an exclamation.


No two women are alike.

I’ll return in no time.

That’s no excuse.

No man would want to see his wife with another man. 


Oh, no! I spilled my drink.

‘This is very interesting.’ ‘No, it’s not.’

‘Do I look fat in this dress?’ ‘No, you look gorgeous.”

Oh,no! I forgot to call my parents.

Difference Between No and Know

Now that you know the difference between no and know try to identify the incorrect words in the following sentences.

  1. I know that he said no to the offer.
  2. Know smoking is allowed within this building.
  3. I know her husband.
  4. Know, I won’t make any sound.
  5. I no all his tricks.

The use of no and know should be corrected in sentence 2, 4 and 5.

What is the difference between No and Know?


No is not a verb.

Know is a verb.

Grammatical Categories:

No is used as an exclamation, determiner, noun, and adverb.

Know is only used as a verb.


No is used to negate a sentence.

Know means to have knowledge, to be aware or to be acquainted.

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