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Difference Between Noun and Pronoun

Noun vs Pronoun

Noun and pronoun are two of the eight parts of speech. They show differences in their usage. A noun denotes a person, place or a thing. A pronoun on the other hand is used as a substitute for a noun.

A noun has three cases, namely, nominative, objective and possessive. Nominative case deals with the subject whereas objective or accusative case deals with the object. In the case of pronouns, personal pronouns are the ones that are used often. I, you, me and him are some of the examples of personal pronouns.

Nouns look alike when they are used in the nominative and objective cases. Pronouns look different when they are used in the nominative and objective cases. ‘Robert ate a mango’. Here the word ‘mango’ is used in the objective case. ‘A mango falls from the tree’. Here the word ‘a mango’ is used in the nominative case. Hence the forms look alike.

‘I read a book’. In this sentence ‘I’ is used in the nominative case. ‘He beats me’. Here the personal pronoun ‘me’ is used in the objective case. You would find that the personal pronoun ‘I’ has changed into ‘me’ when used in the objective case. Hence the two forms look different. This is a major difference between a noun and a pronoun.

Nouns are divided into various kinds. They include proper nouns, count nouns, non-count nouns, collective nouns, pluralia tantum and compound nouns. ‘New York’ is a proper noun, ‘tables’ is a count noun, ‘a herd’ is a collective noun, ‘scissors’ is pluralia tantum and ‘blackboard’ is a compound noun.

Pronouns on the other hand are divided as demonstrative pronouns, relative pronouns, interrogative pronouns, reflexive pronouns, reciprocal pronouns and indefinite pronouns. ‘This’ and ‘that’ are demonstrative pronouns, ‘who’ is a relative pronoun, ‘which’ is an interrogative pronoun, ‘myself’ is a reflexive pronoun, ‘each other’ is a reciprocal pronoun and ‘anyone’ is an indefinite pronoun.


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