Difference Between Objective and Subjective

Objective vs Subjective

The two terms objective and subjective differ in their sense. Any statement that is completely unbiased is called objective. On the other hand a statement that is characterized by the thoughts and the views of the speaker is called subjective.

Objective is not characterized by any previous experience of the speaker whereas a subjective is certainly characterized by the previous experience of the speaker. It is important to note that objective is verifiable whereas subjective is not subjected to verification.

It is interesting to note that objective is verified by carrying out mathematical calculations. Subjective on the contrary cannot be verified by applying what are called facts and figures. This is simply due to the fact that subjective reflects the standpoint by means of speakers’ views only.

When you are making any kind of balanced decision then you are objective in purpose. On the other hand when nothing concrete is at stake, you tend to be subjective in purpose. For example you tend to be subjective when you are watching a stunt movie and you become one with the character you like the most in the movie. Being subjective in fact makes your experience even more enjoyable.

On the other hand you tend to be objective when you are engaged in discussions with people and you are trying to keep your concentration focused on the central theme of the discussion. During such moments you would normally make statements that are unbiased in nature.

You tend to be objective when you are discussing some object or idea that is concrete and tangible. You tend to subjective when you are discussing an idea of subject matter that is not concrete and that lacks tangibility. It is quite important to note that the facts that make up the objective should also be solid and concrete.

As a matter of fact whatever is subjective is already in the domain of your experience and is a kind of past reminiscences. It is thus important to know that subjective findings are ephemeral in nature. Scientific facts and mathematical proofs are objective in nature. Opinions, versions, interpretations are all subjective in nature. You would find that marketing presentations are subjective in purpose.