Difference Between Ocean and Sea

Ocean vs Sea

Ocean and sea are two terms that often look alike in their meanings but strictly speaking there is a lot of difference between them.

The general idea is that a sea is smaller in size when compared to an ocean and hence it is considered a part of the ocean. It is interesting to note that sea is generally surrounded by masses of land. On the other hand oceans are huge in size.

It is a wonder that the world’s largest sea is very small when compared to the smallest ocean in the world. The largest sea in the world is the Mediterranean Sea and is one-fourth of the world’s smallest ocean, namely, the Arctic Ocean.

As a matter of fact there are a number of seas in the world whereas there are only five oceans in the world. These five oceans are the Pacific, the Indian, the Atlantic, the Arctic and the Southern.

One of the primary differences between oceans and seas is that fact that the seas are shallower when compared to the oceans. Oceans on the other hand are unfathomable. The reason for the lack of depth in the case of seas is that they are close to land in general.

Oceans and seas show difference between them in terms of the life that exists on their beds. Sea beds are growing places of plants and animals that depend on light. On the other hand you do not find plant life on the ocean beds. On the other hand they are laden with basic forms of life like the bacteria.

The reason for the non-existence of plant life on ocean beds is that light cannot reach the depths of the oceans. An interesting difference between the sea and ocean is that man can attempt to reach the sea bed with the help of scuba gear.

On the other hand it will be very difficult for man to reach the depths of the ocean beds for he would find it difficult to withstand the pressure existing on the surface of the ocean beds. He would need the help of a special equipment called the Bathyscaphe.