Difference Between Opinion and Perception

Key Difference – Opinion vs Perception

Opinion and perception are two nouns that are used interchangeably by many people. However, there is a subtle difference between opinion and perception. Opinion is a belief, view or judgment; it is what you think. Perception, in contrast, is the way you think. This is the key difference between opinion and perception. What you think is always shaped by the way you see and understand things. Therefore, a person’s opinion is always shaped and influenced by his perception.

What is an Opinion?

An opinion is a view, belief or judgment about something; in other words, it refers to what someone thinks about something. We all have different opinions about different things. Two people may not have the same opinion about the same thing. For example, one person may think that divorce is wrong and unacceptable whereas another may think that it is completely acceptable.

A person’s opinions are influenced by his religion, culture, family background, education, and various other factors. An opinion may not necessarily be based on fact or information. It can be also based on your perception.

The following examples will teach you how to use this word in a sentence.

In my opinion, these faults should have been identified by his supervisor.

I think it’s better to get a second opinion before we take any action.

No one was interested in her opinion, so she remained silent.

Many readers agreed with the opinion of the writer.

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What is a Perception?

Perception is the way you look at or understand things. Your perception or the way you look at things can always influence your opinions. The same object or the same concept can be interpreted and understood in different ways by different people.

Key Difference - Opinion vs Perception

For example, one person one would see the above glass as half filled whereas one would see it as half empty. The action you take next is based on this perception.

The following examples will give you a clearer idea about the meaning and usage of the noun perception.

Sleep deprivation can change your perception of the world.

His perception of the situation was totally different from mine.

Children’s perceptions are shaped by their parents and teachers.

What is the difference between Opinion and Perception?


Opinion is what you think about something.

Perception is the way you look at something.


Opinion may be influenced by experience, knowledge, and perception.

Perception can influence opinions.


Opinion is based on the perception.

Perception is formed before the opinion.

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