Difference Between Orange and Tangerine

Orange vs Tangerine

Orange and Tangerine are two fruits that show difference between them when it comes to their characteristics and nature. It is very important to know the difference between them.

Tangerine is a small sweet orange-colored citrus fruit with a very thin skin when compared to the orange fruit. One of the main differences between an orange and a tangerine is the deep orange yellow color of the tangerine. On the other hand an orange is not said to have a deep orange yellow color. An orange is usually of a light orange color.

On the other hand an orange is a large round juicy citrus fruit. The color of this fruit is bright reddish yellow and light orange when compared to that of a tangerine. It is interesting to note that the flowers of an orange tree emanate great fragrance. On the other the flowers of a tangerine tree is not said to emanate great fragrance. This is another important difference between orange and tangerine.

Another difference between the two is that the tangerine is not said to be very juicy like an orange. It is interesting to note that an orange blossom is the flowers of the orange tree, traditionally worn by the bride of a wedding. The orange flower water is solution of neroli in water. Orange peel is used as a medicinal herb. Thus orange is said to have a lot of medicinal properties and uses when compared to the tangerine fruit.

As a matter of fact orange is used in the making of squashes where as tangerine is not normally used in the making of squashes. The wood of the orange tree is very useful in purpose where as the wood of the tangerine tree is not put to great use.