Difference Between Outlook and Hotmail

Key Difference – Outlook vs Hotmail

The key difference between Outlook and Hotmail is that Outlook is a newer version when compared with Hotmail, and Outlook can perform as a domain name as well as a desktop email client, while Hotmail is only a domain name owned by Microsoft.

Email has become an integral part of our lives. We access emails through a web based interface or a desktop email client. These tools are necessary to ease the email burdens of today’s world. The desktop email client which is often used in a cooperate environment is Microsoft Outlook. With every version of Outlook, it has improved drastically. With every version, the software became smarter, user-friendly and better.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a software that enables the user to send and receive emails on a computer. Microsoft Outlook is used for emails as well as management of personal information. It is usually a part of the Microsoft office suite. It can also be purchased separately if needed. The main uses of Outlook are to storing, sending and receiving emails. As specified earlier, it can also be a useful personal information management tool as it has features like tasks, calendars, contacts, and notes built into the software.

In some large organizations, Microsoft Outlook is used as an exchange server that enables multiple users. Additional software can help Outlook to integrate with mobile devices such as Blackberry. As with many online email clients, Outlook also comes with features like an Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items and drafts to make the software more user-friendly.

The calendar element that comes with Outlook is a useful feature that can keep appointments, sync with other Outlook users and plan meetings. The calendar can also be made use of for tracking important dates and events. Sounds and alarms can be used to notify of such events.

Outlook is also able to help you to remember tasks with the help of audible alarms. Contacts feature helps to save contact details, email addresses of friends and family that can be retrieved when the need arises.

Outlook and Microsoft exchange server go hand in hand. You only need to open Outlook and enter the email address to start the exchange; this eliminates the need for involvement of IT expertise in configuring client settings.

Starting up Outlook will pass active directory credentials to exchange server which eliminates the need for the user to type in login details and credentials. Devices ranging from PDA’s to smartphones are able to support Outlook in one way or the other. Third party applications are also able to support Outlook which makes it even more convenient for the user.

Messages can also be saved into folders according to different criteria, and they can also be forwarded or redirected according to a specific criterion. Out of Office message can also be automatically sent to internal and external addresses.

Following up on messages is easy as colored flags can be tied up with messages as a reminder. A folder named Follow Up has been set up in order to make flagged messages simple to locate. Important messages can be colored in a specific manner to highlight them. Microsoft SharePoint can also be integrated with Outlook to receive notifications and to change content on email on share point.

Outlook is also able to support voting. A voting button is made available to make the selection that is sent as an email response.Outlook also comes with a forms feature that can be filled up for request and approvals and replies can be sent to the user.

The Outlook interface looks familiar, making it easy to use and learn. There are a lot of functions, but if you are familiar with using Microsoft office, it is intuitive. Outlook is also able to support several email accounts including protocols such as POP3 and IMAP. Outlook also comes with enhanced security features like junk mail filtering, blocking content like web bugs, the content of foreign sites and images. It also disallows execution of ActiveX applets and prevents the execution of attachments.

Difference Between Outlook and Hotmail

What is Hotmail?

There are many web-based email service providers in the world. Hotmail is a free web-based email service provided by Microsoft. Hotmail was launched on 4th of July 1996. Microsoft also introduced Outlook. Both Outlook and Hotmail work on the same platform. In the year 2013, Outlook replaced Hotmail. Hotmail was replaced by Outlook.com. Outlook.com can be interchanged with Hotmail with the address. Although it was replaced, Hotmail.com is still functional. Hotmail comes with unlimited storage. It also comes with an integrated calendar, Skype, OneDrive, and Ajax. But advertising information is not scanned by Hotmail that like in other email services. It also can be customized for a personalized inbox for emails, calendars, important dates, and events. Folders can be created to categorize data according to incoming and outgoing data. Teams can collaborate and share business related information with ease. The ability of Hotmail to integrate with Microsoft Office is special, as  Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations can be edited and saved directly into the inbox. This makes Hotmail one of the best web-based email service providers up-to-date. The edited and saved files can be downloaded at a later time when needed. When a Hotmail account is created, it comes with the integration with OneDrive. This integration provides the use with 15 GB cloud storage for free. This space can be used for saving photos, documents, and videos. Hotmail helps to keep the inbox clutter free. It is also highly customizable and gives the user more command and control over the inbox. Gmail contacts and messages can be imported to Hotmail, making it a convenience.

Key Difference - Outlook vs Hotmail

What is the difference between Outlook and Hotmail?


Outlook: Outlook is the newer upgraded version of Hotmail

Hotmail: Hotmail is somewhat an older version of Outlook.

 Domain Names           

Outlook: Outlook is domain name of Microsoft

Hotmail: Hotmail is a domain name of Microsoft


Outlook: Outlook was Microsoft Corp’s original email client service.

Hotmail: Hotmail was founded by Mr. Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and later acquired by Microsoft.


Outlook: Outlook can work as a standalone application or a Microsoft exchange server.

Hotmail: Hotmail is only a domain name.


Outlook: Outlook can function as a desktop email client

Hotmail: Hotmail will function as a webmail client.

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