Difference Between Paintball and Airsoft

Paintball vs Airsoft

Paintball and Airsoft are combat simulation games played with weaponry for entertainment purposes. Both are very exciting sports that are played between teams comprising players. Both paintball and airsoft have many similarities and to someone who are not familiar with these games, they appear to be the same. However, there are differences pertaining to weaponry and ammunition that also create differences in dynamism and cost of playing these games. This article attempts to find out the differences between Paintball and Airsoft.

What is Paintball?

This is a fast growing extreme sport in which players make use of a gun that shoots capsules containing dye to tag them. It is an outdoor sport that combines the spirit of childhood games like tag and hide and seek. Capture the flag is the most popular format of this game where players are divided into two teams and both teams try to capture the other team’s flag. What the players are supposed to do is eliminating opposing team’s players by shooting them with paintballs. Depending on the size of the playing area, the game can extend up to 40-45 minutes. As a paintball hits a player, it bursts open coloring the clothing of the player forcing him to get out of the game. Though players have to wear masks to protect their eyes from paintballs, the sport of paintball is relatively very safe.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is an outdoor adventure sport where players make use of replica firearms to shoot other players. The pellets used in this game are non-metallic. The game of Airsoft has become very popular among kids and teenagers though adults play it with enthusiasm as well. The game started in Japan and later spread to China, Europe, and America. Players are divided into teams that try to defeat each other by hitting each other with non-metallic pellets fired from air guns.

What is the difference between Paintball and Airsoft?

• In paintball, pellets are gelatin filled capsules that burst upon hitting a player and colors his clothing.

• Pellets in Airsoft are non-metallic but do not break open upon hitting a player.

• Paintball is played in large rectangular field with no places to hide whereas Airsoft is played in heavily wooded areas with lots of spaces to hide.

• There is more planning and strategy in Airsoft than in Paintball.

• Airsoft guns are much more expensive than paintball guns.

• Airsoft games last much longer than paintball games.