Difference Between Pancakes, Pikelets and Crumpets

Pancakes, Pikelets vs Crumpets

If it is 3 or 4 PM and it is teatime, you have a wide variety of options in front of you, in the form of snacks, especially, if you happen to be a Briton. To make you feel charged up and a bit fuller, there are muffins, pancakes, pikelets, crumpets, etc. at the teatime. People remain confused between pancakes, pikelets, and crumpets because of their similarities. This article takes a closer look at these delicious snacks to come up with their differences for the readers.


Crumpets are made from bread raised with the help of yeast. They are baked on a griddle or a fry pan. Circular moulds are used to cook these yummy delights and the top of these moulds have tiny bubbles or openings through which butter oozes out when these crunchy cakes are toasted.


Pikelets are a regional variation of crumpets. Some say they are nothing but thin crumpets as the recipe of a pikelet is same as that of a crumpet. The only difference between the two is the manner in which they are cooked. The word pikelet has a Welsh origin where it means dark and sticky bread. Pikelet is a word that is used even in Australia and New Zealand for a similar type of flat cake. However, in North America, the same Pikelets become pancakes or griddle cakes.


Pancake is a thin and flat cake made from flour after mixing it with water, milk, and sometimes eggs. This dough is called batter and, in US, a leavening agent like baking powder is added though, in Britain, the dough is flat.

What is the difference between Pancake and Pikelet and Crumpet?

• Crumpets are more popular in Britain Australia, and New Zealand. In US, similar preparations are called pancakes.

• Crumpets are eaten mostly in UK and Pikelets are their regional variations. On the other head, similar preparations using a leavening agent in the batter are called pancakes in North America.

• Pikelets are thinner than crumpets.

• Pancakes are fluffier than Pikelets.

• Pancakes are eaten hot while Pikelets are eaten both hot as well as cold.

• Pikelets and crumpets have a small 2 inch diameter, whereas pancakes come in all types of sizes from 1-2 inches to 12 inches.

  • Bogget

    It all depends on where you live in the north we call them Piklets in the south they call them Crumpets

  • Bogget

    Pancakes are nothing like either they are for shrove tuesday and are thin and are fried in a pan Piklets are toasted under a grill or in front of a file are about 4 inches round and about one inch thick