Difference Between Pancetta and Prosciutto

Pancetta vs Prosciutto

There are various kinds of pork products available in various parts of the world. Some of them are more popular than others due to the difference in taste and aroma. The different parts of pig are known by their different names, two of which are Pancetta and Prosciutto. Both these pork products belong to Italy and are extremely popular. In some restaurants, both Pancetta and Prosciutto are included as part of the main course meal and served with various sauces to make it even more delectable. All around the world especially in the European and American countries, these pork products are eaten and enjoyed, considered as delicacy for all the food connoisseurs.


Pancetta is basically the bacon or the ‘belly’ of the pork. In America, it is considered extremely similar to the bacon but elsewhere it is usually made into a big log which is rolled and made in to a ready thing. In America though, the Pancetta is eaten by slicing it in to thin strips. Or even in small chunks and in a round form. A pancetta is usually cooked the way bacon is made. Pancetta is first cured and the process needs to be done carefully and properly. Mostly it is cured by using salt only. But other spices are also used at times. Sometimes special aromatics are used to diffuse flavors and aroma as well.


Prosciutto, on the other hand, is more like ham. It is cooked the way ham is cooked. Prosciutto is actually the hind portion of the leg of the pig. The part of pig is first dried. This process takes a lot of time. The best way to eat prosciutto is when it is not yet cooked. It’s made through the process of cold-smoking. It should not be heated or cooked. Prosciutto is simply made by rubbing salts. But the flavor only comes through the slow air-dry process which can even take several months to get prepared before eating.

Difference between Pancetta and Prosciutto

The most prominent differences between Pancetta and Prosciutto are that both of them are taken from the different body parts of the pig. Pancetta is taken from the pig belly while Prosciutto is taken from the hind leg of the pig. Pancetta is first cooked and then eaten while Prosciutto is eaten while it is not completely cooked. Both are tasted differently but they are extremely tasty and liked by a huge number of people. Pancetta is mainly eaten in the form of a log in Italy while In America, it is eaten striped and sliced while Prosciutto is cooked as ham. There are several different types of pork products and all of them are cooked in a different way. Some of them might as well take several months to get prepared. Bacon is usually cooked and prepared in the same way pancetta is also cooked as bacon. Prosciutto on the other hand is cold smoked and prepared after several months by drying and curing it before actually serving it.