Difference Between Panther and Cheetah

Panther vs Cheetah

Panthers and cheetahs are basically wild animals located in various Countries all over the world. They are carnivores whose prime source of food range from medium sized animals like deer and pigs to large animals such as giraffes and buffalos. While hunting is their only method of sustenance these animals prefer to hunt alone.


The word panther has a more specific designation to the Black Panther. It is regarded as a black panther because of the dominance of its melanism allele. It overshadows its skin pattern by making it appear black. Panthers are stealth predators that prefer to approach its prey by employing a tactical attack rather than an aggressive tactic. Most of these animals prefer a jungle environment where there camouflage is quite effective.


Cheetahs are large cats which appear yellowish brown and have black spots all over. It is the fastest land animal which reaches speeds up to 75 miles per hour in short bursts. It prefers to approach its prey aggressively. Most of its hunting is done through pursuit, by using its unmatched speed to pursue and topple any fleeing prey he has his eyes on. These animals have a preference on hunting and staying in open fields.

Difference between Panther and Cheetah

Panthers and Cheetahs are quite different; they vary both in hunting habitat, methods, skin color, and physical capability. While panthers have a more docile and discrete approach in hunting, cheetahs on the other hand has an aggressive tactic. These animals have a preference of habitat, panthers prefer to hide amongst the jungle or any form of vegetation while cheetahs hunt and stay in open fields. A cheetah is unmatched in land speed; it is the fastest animal in the world. Panthers are more patient and cunning.

Although these animals have various differences they are all part of the same large cat family and they still possess a similarity of a series of unique characteristics.

In brief:

• Panthers are more docile and adaptive animals which employ a discreet hunting method within a jungle environment. Their skin color is mostly black due to melamine dominance and that these animals prefer to stay within shaded and dark areas.

• Cheetahs are more aggressive creatures which employ a very aggressive hunting style, most of these hunting activities occur in large open fields. They have a unique skin color with unusual black spots. Their preferred choices of habitat are open fields.