Difference Between Pantyhose and Stockings

Pantyhose vs Stockings

Pantyhose and Stockings are two types of leg wear. They are tight garment made from elastic fabric covering the lower part of the body. These garments are primarily worn to keep the feet and legs warm. However, today they are worn in all occasions for the purpose of fashion.


Pantyhose are a close-fitting leg garment covering the body from feet up to the waist. They are usually transparent and are made from nylon fabric or a mixture of spandex. Pantyhose resemble pants – they have waist band, thigh and leg areas and crotch. Pantyhose come in different styles, such as fishnet, patterns, colors and opacity. While pantyhose are more associated as women’s garments, there are also pantyhose for men.


Stockings are leg wear that cover the feet to a few inches below or above the knee leaving a portion of the thighs exposed. It is usually made from cotton, linen, wool, nylon or silk. Stockings come in different colors, designs, and transparencies. Stocking is generally referred to as any leg garments, including the socks and tights, covering the legs whether worn by men or women.

What is the difference between Pantyhose and Stockings?

The main difference between stockings and pantyhose is that pantyhose extend up to the waist while stockings only extend to the thigh. Stockings come in two, as a pair, while pantyhose come in one piece. Since stockings only stay up to the thigh, they tend to roll down through the legs, thus, garter and suspender belt are often required for support while pantyhose guarantee that they will not roll as they have waist band for support. Pantyhose do not provide convenience of easy removal especially when answering the call of nature, as stockings do. Moreover, when it comes to hygiene, using stockings are hygienic than pantyhose because bacteria may tend to grow in the crotch area.

Your choice between stockings and pantyhose should be determined by occasion and purpose.

In brief:

• Stockings, generally referred to as any leg garment worn by men and women, cover the feet to the thigh

• Pantyhose is an elastic leg garment that covering the body from the feet to the waist

• Stockings tend to roll down through the legs, but are convenient to remove

• Pantyhose have waist band that prevent them from rolling down, however, tend to promote bacterial and fungal growth in the crotch area.