Difference Between Parchment Paper and Baking Paper

Parchment Paper vs Baking Paper

One thing that is as much talked about in baking as eggs, flour, sugar, butter, and flour is baking paper. This is a paper that is used to line the side of a pan when baking a cake to prevent the cake from sticking to the pan. It is also the paper that is used extensively to roll cookies and pastries as it is moisture resistant and grease resistant. There is another term used for a similar product called parchment paper that confuses many who are new to the art of baking. This article attempts to find out differences between parchment paper and baking paper if there are any.

What is Baking Paper?

Baking paper is a special high-density paper that is semi -transparent in looks and non-sticky in nature. It is chemically treated with an acid to make it strong and resistant to water and oil. In some cases, baking paper is also treated with silicone or any other coating that is oil based.

What is Parchment Paper ?

Parchment paper is a paper that is used in baking for various purposes. They are essential to prevent cakes from sticking on the surface of the pan in which they are baked as they provide a non-sticky surface. This is a disposable paper used to roll pastries and cookies as it is also resistant to grease and does not cause any problem with the taste and flavour of the baked product.

What is the difference between Baking Paper and Parchment Paper?

• There is no difference between parchment paper and baking paper, and these two terms are interchangeable.

• Many chefs prefer to call the paper used to line baking pans as parchment paper while others prefer to call it baking paper.

• Both these papers are made non-stick by applying a coating of silicone or any other similar product.


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