Difference Between Parody and Spoof

Parody vs Spoof

Parody, satire, and spoof are words that are interrelated and imitations of works of others in a humorous manner. This is different from playing a script written by Shakespeare so as to do it in honor of his work. Parody is performed to make fun of the work of another person though in a humorous manner and not to offend those who love the works of the artist. Parody and spoof are very similar in meaning though there are differences that will be brought out in this article.


This is an English word that comes from Greek paroidia where para means side by side or parallel to, and oide means song. Thus, parody means a work that imitates the style of an earlier work by a renowned artist in such a manner to create comedy. The real purpose behind a parody is to have some fun at the expense of the original author or creator. While, in earlier times, only a play on stage could be termed as a parody, today it can be created using different media such as print, electronic or audio media. Sometimes, a person who wants to create a parody has to take permission from the original creator in this age of copyright. Parody of not just written text but original films and TV series has also been created in humor.


Spoof is similar to parody in nature, but here imitation or copy is not restricted to an original play or film but even a famous person or something. Spoof is mostly light humored and at times senseless. It main intention is to make people laugh. These days, spoof has acquired a broader and vaguer meaning in the sense that spoof has started to include phishy emails and audio spoofs to deceive others. This is deliberate and intentional and is meant to gain undue advantage.


What is the difference between Parody and Spoof?

• Parody and spoof are very close to each other, especially when they are trying to imitate a person or his style.

• Parody is harmless fun of the characteristic style of an author, whereas spoof is senseless.

• Forging the return address of an email is called spoofing.

• Parody is clean fun and is often more truthful than a spoof.

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