Difference Between Passionate and Compassionate

Passionate vs Compassionate

To understand the difference between passionate and compassionate, let us first have a look at the two words, passion and compassion. Passion and compassion can be identified as two different emotions that a person experiences. Passion refers to a very intense feeling whereas compassion refers to the concern that is felt for another. Else, even being empathetic towards the suffering of another can be known as compassion. This highlights that while passion stems from within an individual, compassion comes from the outside. This can be considered as one of the significant differences between the two terms. This article attempts to highlight the differences between the two while elucidating the terms.

What does Passionate mean?

First, when paying attention to the term passion, it can be defined as an intense emotion or else a great enthusiasm. A person can be passionate about another individual or else about a specific activity. When we speak of passionate love, the emphasis is on the first. In this case, the two individuals, who are in the relationship, are very passionate about one another. This does not guarantee mutual trust, understanding, or caring. It is usually associated with the attraction felt by the individuals, which transforms into passion. However, when passion is connected with an activity, it highlights a great enthusiasm. For example, an individual who is passionate about dancing would carry on a number of activities related to dancing. She would enjoy dancing at all times since she is passionate about it. Also, she might attend classes to improve her skill in dancing, watch programmes related to dancing, and would love to talk about dancing with others. This once again highlights that passion comes from within. It is a strong emotion that motivates an individual to a commitment. A person, who is passionate about something, usually attempts to excel in it. This is because the intensity is very high. Another specific feature is that when an individual is passionate, he is committed to that activity. This can also be understood through our previous example. In the daily routine of the person, the passionate activity or else dancing in this case, occupies the majority of the time.

Passionate vs Compassionate - Example of Passionate

Passionate dancer

What does Compassionate mean?

On the other hand, the term compassionate carries a different meaning. It can be defined as the concern felt for another. When an individual is compassionate towards another, he or she attempts to be of assistance to that person. For example, after noticing a student who continuously fails in the class, another student volunteers to assist the weak student. This is due to compassion. He understands the suffering of the other and tries to alleviate the individual from that condition by helping him with the studies. A person can be enthusiastic towards the object of compassion, but this is different to that of passion. The intensity and commitment are lower than in passion. Also, to be compassionate, a person needs an external trigger, unlike in the case of passion. However, when speaking of compassionate love, it is built on mutual understanding, trust so on and so forth. This can also be considered as a difference between the two.

Difference Between Passionate and Compassionate

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What is the difference between Passionate and Compassionate?

• Being passionate comes from within whereas compassion comes from the outer world.

• When an individual is passionate, the intensity is relatively high in comparison to being compassionate.

• Being passionate requires much more commitment that is constant. However, when one is compassionate, it is usually not so.


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