Difference Between PDF and DOC


PDF and Doc are the two most common and user friendly documentation formats till date. These two types have their own individual standard where they stand out. PDF is an abbreviation of Portable Document Format which is an open format for document exchange. It is utilized for signifying 2D documents in a way free of the application software or operating system. It is an advanced format which enables 2D vector graphics along with 3D drawings and a variety of other data formats. On the other hand, Doc is the abbreviation for document which is the file extension used for a document produced with Microsoft Word, the undeniably accepted word processing program. Doc format is generally employed in MS Word’s versions of 97 and 2003. The later updated version of 2007 employs a different format.

PDF format

The first version of PDF was formally launched in 1991. Its adoption in the beginning days was sluggish. Adobe Acrobat was not generously available. The earlier versions of PDF didn’t have any external hyperlinks support, dropping its utility on the Internet. But gradually Adobe has improved this format to an untouchable quality so that now it is most admirable in its field.

PDF is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, to even recent mobile phones. It is compact & small. When a document is converted into PDF, it is automatically optimized in a smaller size without losing the quality. It restricts people from altering your work. The encrypted protection facilitates to share your work, without worrying about diverse doom scenarios. PDF files are viewable in any web-browser without any hazard. PDF is easy to deal with as Acrobat Reader software to open PDF files is free to download.

Doc format

MS-Word was made in 1983 first for Xenix systems with the name of Multi-Tool Word. Afterward newer versions were created for several new platforms like DOS in 1983, Macintosh of Apple in 1984, and Windows in 1989. The Microsoft Word software has the ability to produce and distribute documents utilizing a writing tool set. It is possible to include formatted text, tables, graphs, charts, images, print settings and page formatting in these documents.

A doc file employs a binary file format for gathering the documents on a store media for using by computers. The doc format was developed over a phase of time and now it can be generated and read by software applications such as KWord, OpenOffice, or AbiWord.

Difference between PDF and Doc

• Doc is a Microsoft Word file while PDF is an Adobe Acrobat file.

• PDF files can be viewed with FoxIt PDF Reader and Adobe Acrobat Reader. On the other hand doc files are dealt using the Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Word.

• Doc is a format which is editable. On the other hand, PDF is a format which is non-editable.

• Doc offers various features for the convenience of the user such as various fonts and colors to select. These kinds of options are limited in PDF.

• PDF is a widely compatible format. One can allocate the document on all sort of computer with different configuration. This facility is not available with doc.

• PDF is a secured format as password-protection is possible with it while doc in not a safe format. It is open to view.

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