Difference Between Peak and Peek

Peak vs Peek

Peek and peak are two words in English language that are homonyms. This means that though they have the same pronunciation, they have totally different meanings. This creates difficulties for students of English language as they make mistakes in using the right word in a particular context. In fact, there is a third-word pique to form a trinity of homonyms. This article attempts to clarify the differences between peek and peak to enable readers to know the correct use of these two words.

What does Peek mean?

Peek is a word that means taking a secret glance at something or looking at someone for a short while. If you are playing cards and get a chance to look somehow at the cards of your opponent in a game of poker, you are said to have got a peek at the cards of the other. You must have seen kids jumping as high as they can to peek (catch a glimpse of) their favourite player in a baseball game.

What does Peak mean?

Peak is a word that refers to the top of a mountain. There are both high points as well as lows in the case of mountains and all the peaks are the high points of the mountains whereas their lows are their troughs. When used in this sense, peak is a noun. However, it is also used as a verb when the word is used to refer to the act of reaching a high point or crescendo as in a performance, a game or a movie. There are also peak business hours where the word is used as an adjective to refer to the business hours.

What is the difference between Peek and Peak?

• Peek is to take a furtive or a short look at something whereas peak has several meanings.

• Peak can be a noun as in the highest point of a mountain.

• Peak can be a verb as in peaking at the right time during a game or performance.

• Peak can even be an adjective as in peak business hours.