Difference Between Perfume and Cologne

Perfume vs Cologne

Perfume and cologne are types of fragrances that give men and women those pleasant and amiable scents. Through their scents, one cannot tell the difference between cologne and a perfume. However, the most obvious difference between the two is the concentration or strength of smell.


Perfume is derived from the latin phrase per fumum meaning “through smoke.” The use of perfume has been dated back 4000 years ago in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Perfume is a fragrance that is made from a mixture of aromatic compounds and solvents. It is prepared by diluting perfume oils in ethanol or a mixture of ethanol and water. Perfumes have stronger fragrant which gives long-lasting scent, however, they are expensive.


Cologne originated from Cologne, Germany in 1709 and was prepared by Giovanni Maria Farina who was from Italy. Cologne was originally named by Farina Eau de Cologne to honor her new home. Like perfume, it is also made from a blend of aromatic extracts and mixture of water and ethanol solvent. Cologne is prepared similar to perfume, however, its aroma is weak and easily diffuses, which make them less expensive.

Difference between Perfume and Cologne

Both perfume and cologne are prepared with same procedure and from same ingredients however, it is on the level of contents on the aroma extract and solvent that they differ. Perfume contains more aroma oils, which ranges from 15 to 30 percent of the solution. On the other hand, cologne only contains 3 to 5 percent. Also, perfume solvent comprises about 95 percent alcohol and 5 to10 percent water while cologne solvent comprises of about 70 percent alcohol and 30 percent water. Because perfume has a higher level of aroma extracts, its scent is stronger than cologne and definitely will stick on you longer.

Whatever you may spray on you, perfume or cologne, make sure that it will make a good impression.

In brief:

• Perfume is a mixture of aroma extract and solvent, which is a mixture of ethanol and water, and has stronger scent

• Cologne is also prepared similar to perfume however its scent is weak and easily diffuses

• Perfume is usually more expensive than cologne.

• Both enhance men and women scents for good impression