Difference Between Philosophy and Psychology

Philosophy vs Psychology

Philosophy and Psychology are two different branches of knowledge. It is interesting to note that both are classified as ordinary arts. Philosophy deals with the study of the nature of life and life hereafter. On the other hand, Psychology deals with the study of the mind and its behavior. This is the main difference between Philosophy and Psychology.

There are various schools of philosophy. Eastern philosophy is different from the Western philosophy. Philosophical thoughts center on the mysteries of life and the reality of the soul. The individual soul is considered eternal according to some schools of thought. According to the other schools of philosophical thought, soul does not exist at all.

It is interesting to note that philosophy also deals with the theory of causation. It deals with the instrumental cause for the creation of the universe and the life in it. As a matter of fact, each system of philosophy differs in its approach when it deals with the theory of causation.

Psychology on the other hand, deals with the mind and its transformations. A psychologist attempts to understand the role of the functions of the mind in social behavior. It also explores the neurobiological processes that guide mental behaviors. A philosopher on the other hand explores the various possibilities of establishing the truth about the origin of universe and the nature of the soul.

Philosophy deals with the relationship of man to the Almighty and the supreme force responsible for the creation of life in this universe. It deals with the metaphysical aspect of nature and probes into life after death. Psychology on the other hand, helps in the establishment of various philosophical truths by way of logical conclusions. Psychology involves logical acumen. These are the various differences between philosophy and psychology.