Difference Between Photo and Picture

Photo vs Picture

We come across words photo and picture so many times in magazines and newspapers that we hardly pay any attention to their differences or their usage. To most of us, the words are similar in meaning and can be used interchangeably. In fact, the words photo and picture are used in place of each other, and nobody finds anything wrong with the practice. But is it correct? Let us take a closer look.

What do you call all the images that are there in an album that you so excitedly desire to show to your friend? Whether you call them Photos or pictures, you are not wrong. This is because there is no hard and fast definition that categorizes some images into photos and others into pictures. However, it is wise to call them as photos which they are. A picture on the other hand, can be anything from a drawing, to a painting to an etching.

There is another school of thought that tries to differentiate between pictures and photos on the basis of effort and artistry put in to produce them. This thinking suggests that all those images that we take with the help of our cameras on vacations, functions, and special moments in life that don’t require us to put in any special effort of knowledge of photography (which most of us are lacking). On the other hand, photos are snaps that require our photographic talent, or knowledge of lighting, setup, subjects etc. Photographs often convey a message, and have an idea of their own which is absent in most pictures.

In brief:

Difference Between Photo and Picture

• All pictures are not photos as pictures can be anything from a drawing to an etching and a painting

• Photos are all those snaps that we keep in albums to show to our dear ones but pictures are those that require our photographic talent